Caleb Furst Brother Nathan And Joshua Furst- Parents And Family

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Caleb Martin Furst, better known as Caleb Furst, is an American collegiate basketball player for the Purdue Boilermakers of the Big Ten Conference. Born to a family of sports enthusiasts, Caleb’s younger brothers, Nathan and Joshua, are also athletes.

Raised in Indiana, Caleb began playing basketball seriously after attending Black Hawk Christian School in Fort Wayne. A power forward with a massive frame, Furst left his initial impression after leading his team to the Class A state title as a sophomore.

For his high school performances, Caleb was named the Indiana Gatorade Player of the Year and Indiana Mr. Basketball in 2021.

Caleb Furst Currently Plays For The Purdue University's Team (Source: Hammer And Rails)
Caleb Furst Playing Basketball At The Purdue University (Source: Hammer And Rails)

After being his school’s all-time leader in points and rebounds, Caleb received several scholarship offers from universities, including Virginia and Michigan State. 

However, he eventually committed to play for the Boilermakers. Despite playing some good games, Furst’s overall performance in his first college season could not be as satisfactory as he had imagined.

With foot injury surgery ahead of his sophomore season, he did not do well in his second season either. However, the player hopes to turn things around before leaving college for the NBA draft.

Caleb Furst Brother: Nathan And Joshua Furst

Caleb Furst was born as the second child to his parents, Lotus and Gary, on May 18, 2002, in Indiana, United States. Growing up alongside two siblings, Caleb became interested in outdoor games.

Both his parents loved baseball, so Caleb, too, liked playing the game with his brothers. He continued playing the game until he reached middle school.

However, since all three brothers were extremely physical, they played various sports.

Caleb Furst's Younger Brother Joshua Furst (Source: on3. com)
Caleb Furst’s Younger Brother, Joshua Furst (Source: On3)

His older brother, Nathan, a few years senior at Black Hawk High School, played basketball and soccer. He was almost as tall as his younger brother and played as a goalkeeper.

He later attended the Indiana State in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Similarly, Caleb’s youngest brother, Joshua, is also pretty tall, 6 feet 6-inch height, while in his sophomore season at Black Hawk. He will graduate high school this year.

However, he is all set to join his elder brother, Caleb, in the next season, as he has already accepted a Preferred Walk-On offer from Purdue University.

Caleb’s Parents Shaped His Basketball Career

Caleb Furst probably might not be playing basketball at Purdue if his mother, Lotus, had not goaded him to play basketball when he was young. His father, Gary, remembers that little Caleb’s first love was baseball, and he played it better than any other sport.

However, everything changed when he was in second grade.

Caleb Furst Parents (Source: Twitter)
Caleb Furst’s Parents (Source: Twitter)

The long-time college and high school basketball coach and Fort Wayne resident Bruce Patterson suggested Gary teach Caleb basketball instead immediately after he saw him. 

Although both Lotus and Gary initially found it hard to do so, they ultimately agreed to the suggestion.

Caleb was not a great basketball game fan, but he eventually gave in after his parents took him to court to keep practicing.

Initially, he felt he was not meant to play basketball as he lacked skills and wanted to leave it after the first few tries. However, as time passed, Caleb started loving the game, and he persevered. 

Now that Caleb plays college basketball at Purdue, his parents have high hopes that their son will make it to the NBA.

Even if Caleb doesn’t make it to the NBA, he has a backup plan, as he is doing his undergraduate biomedical health sciences course at Purdue. 

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