Callum Smith Autism: Smith Brothers Use Boxing To Spread Autism Awarness

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Former World Boxing Association (WBA) super-middleweight titleholder Callum Smith is making his mark as a champion boxer and on the humanitarian front by raising awareness for autism.

Not for the first time, Callum Smith walked to the boxing ring wearing the ‘Autism’ printed shorts.

Although losing the fight against Artur Beterbiev, Callum managed to earn admirers for his noble gesture.

Boxer Callum Smith
Boxer Callum Smith (Source: ESPN)

Callum Smith comes from a family with boxing in its DNA, as brothers Liam, Stephen, and Paul are also prominent names in the combat sport.

He is the youngest, and his first career highlight came in 2010 winning silver for Great Britain in the Common Wealth Games.

Since then, his career has soared to new heights, with a 29-2 professional record. Undoubtedly, he is currently one of the major faces of British boxing.

Callum Smith And Brothers, Autism Awareness

As aforementioned, the English boxer raised curiosity among boxing fans by walking out with the ‘Autism’ printed shorts in his latest fight.

The Smith Brothers
The Smith Brothers (Source: Sky Sports)

Furthermore, Callum and his three brothers have been raising awareness against the disorder for quite a while now.

What Is The Reason?

When asked about the reason in a 2017 interview, he mentioned it was because of their sister.

Stating that his sister has had autism since a young age, he signified a lack of knowledge about the disease.

“My younger sister Hollie has autism, which is why we have ‘autism’ on our shorts. She was diagnosed with autism at age 2. We didn’t know about it a lot back then. More people have become aware of it in recent years, but back then they weren’t.”

Additionally, the brothers also donate to causes that help people fight the disorder. On top of this, the Smith brothers’ parents are dedicated completely to this noble act.

“We are helping to do our part, we raise money for autistic schools. It’s a full-time job for my mum and dad. Some days Hollie laughs and smiles, but others she’s hard work and doesn’t sleep through the night.”

Callum Smith Sister, Hollie
Callum Smith Sister, Hollie (Source: Instagram)

Needless to say, this act is very personal and emotional to the Smith brothers.

It is a testament to their humanitarian spirit, that they are doing their utmost best to raise awareness against something which not a lot of people are ready to talk about in the open.

It is a sad state that a lot of people perceive autism as something that should be kept under wraps.

The Smith brothers are trying to change exactly this notion among the public. Not only will this help better the lives of autistic people, but proper information about the disorder will be spread.

Helping raise money to help autistic children is a noble act for which the brothers have been duly admired.

Having seen first-hand how hard it was for their sister, they don’t want other kids and families to go through the same trials.

Callum labels her sister as being “inspirational” to him. Undoubtedly, her fighting spirit in life has certainly helped motivate Callum in his boxing career.

“To see her battling through life every day, but to also see her happy, is inspiring.”






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