Cam McCormick Wife: Is 25 Year Old College Football Player Married?

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Cam McCormick has no wife and has not married yet. The Miami tight-end previously resided in Bend, Oregon, with his family.

The 25-year-old McCormick has recently made headlines after he was granted a ninth year of playing college football. The former Oregon player suffered devastating injuries in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and petitioned the NCAA for an extra year in September.

In 2022, Cam played 13 games and had a career-high receptions of 10 for 66 yards and three touchdowns. He was the winner of the 2022 Capital One Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award. 

The 25-Year-Old Has Never Talked Much About His Romantic Life On Public Platform
The 25-Year-Old Has Never Talked Much About His Romantic Life On Public Platform (Source: Instagram)

On Thursday, McCormick announced he will return for his ninth season of college football. The former three-star recruit McCormick said he loved his teammates, coaches, and the University of Miami.

He also added that despite the challenges, he wanted to finish what they had started together. McCormick said the bond was everlasting, which makes it all worthwhile. 

Cam McCormick Wife: Is He Married?

The 25-year-old college football player, Cam McCormick, has no wife and isn’t married. By far, in any of his interviews, Cam hasn’t talked about his romantic life or a life partner.

A social media handle can give good about whether they have been dating anyone. Cam’s Instagram handle, where he has garnered 6.8k followers, only has pictures of the football player with his teammates and friends. 

The football player has also not been tagged in any romantic post that could hint at whether he is dating someone. Recently, the Miami player shared a video talking about his football journey, which has had several ups and downs.

McCormick Previously Honored By Oregon In A Function Held In December 2022
McCormick Previously Honored By Oregon In A Function Held In December 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In the video, Cam can be seen saying that the NFL has always been a dream for him, but he also chose to continue his career to be a mentor to the younger guys. 

Cam believes his years at Miami will help him build contacts and eventually help him in the coming years. Previously, in his interviews, Cam has talked about his parents and their impact on his career.

Cam has already completed his master’s degree in advertising and brand responsibility from the University of Oregon and looks to focus on his footballing career for one more year.

He has previously worked part-time as a Fraud Analyst at Fidelity Investments, but that job lasted for only five months, as he returned to play football with Oregon in 2022. 

The Miami Football Player Family 

The football player has received all the support he could get from his family. Previously, his mother, Debra McCormick, was interviewed by The Oregonian as she talked about how emotional she felt watching her soon take the field in 2021.

McCormick played for the first time in three years, in 2021 at the Ducks season opener. Cam broke his left fibula in the 2018 season opener and faced several complications for years. 

In her interview, Debra said there were times she had no more words of encouragement for her son when he came close to giving up. Cam said his mother always pushed him not to quit.

Cam McCormick Pictured With His Mother, Debra McCormick As He Receives His Courage Award
Cam McCormick Pictured With His Mother, Debra McCormick (L), As He Receives His Courage Award (Source: Instagram)

She also thanked the Oregon football team for supporting her son and said their belief in Cam never wavered. Debra is a University of Phoenix graduate and has worked for 13 years as a senior talent acquisition partner at Victaulic. 

After graduation, she worked for a few years at the University as a manager for continuing education programs. Cam lived with his mother and stepfather, Greg Rawdin, and their dog, Hercules, before he moved to Miami.

His stepdad, Greg Rawdin, is AG Internet Marketing’s owner and a graduate of the University of Arizona. Greg and Debra were pictured in 2022 cheering for their son from the stands. That season was the first time since 2017 that Cam played a full season of football. 

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