Can Vladimir Guerrero Jr Speak English?- Languages & Family Background

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. effectively communicates in English with his Blue Jays teammates and team staff, but during media interviews, he chooses to speak in Spanish with the assistance of the team’s interpreter.

In a statement made back in 2019, Guerrero expressed his desire to learn English rapidly to engage with fans more effectively.

Additionally, owing to his upbringing in Montreal, he is also fluent in French.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., also known as Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr., comes from a baseball lineage as the son of the renowned Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero and the nephew of former MLB player Wilton Guerrero.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Source: The New York Times)

He was born in Montreal, Canada, while his father was playing for the Montreal Expos and holds Canadian citizenship.

Guerrero’s mother, Riquelma Ramos, acquired fluency in French during their time in Montreal before relocating with Vladimir Jr. to the Dominican Republic, where he spent most of his early childhood.

Following his parents’ separation when he was very young, his mother settled in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Guerrero would divide his time between Santiago with his mother, Don Gregorio with his uncle Wilton, and summers in the United States with his father.

English Misinterpretation 

In an interview with Hector Gomez of Z101 Digital, Vladimir Guerrero clarified that although he does speak English, he chooses to conduct his interviews in Spanish.

The decision stems from a previous incident in 2019 when he gave an interview in English, and media reports misrepresented his statement.

The media erroneously reported that Guerrero had claimed to have “never done a gym.” However, he actually meant to say that he had “not done a gym in the offseason.”

Following that incident, Guerrero made the conscious choice to give his interviews in Spanish to avoid any potential misinterpretation or misrepresentation of his words.

He prefers to communicate in his native language to ensure that his statements are accurately conveyed and nothing is taken out of context.

Personal Life

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a cousin named Gabriel Guerrero, who also pursues a professional baseball career.

Guerrero himself is a father to two daughters.

In a 2012 paternity suit, it was revealed that his father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr., has eight children with five different women, implying that Vladimir Jr. has at least seven siblings.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. With His Kids
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. With His Kids (Source: Reddit)

During his tenure with the Blue Jays organization, Guerrero has received support and care from his paternal grandmother, Altagracia.

He follows the Christian faith and counts Pedro Martinez, his father’s former teammate on the Montreal Expos and a fellow Dominican, as his godfather.

Furthermore, in January 2023, Guerrero’s brother named, Pablo, signed with the Texas Rangers as an international free agent.

Father Vladimir Guerrero Sr.

In 2003, Vladimir Guerrero Sr. received a heartfelt standing ovation during his final game for the Montreal Expos at Olympic Stadium.

As a touching moment, Vladimir Jr., donning a child’s Expos uniform, was sent out onto the field by his teammates to join his father.

In an iconic photo, his father advised him to remove his helmet and wave to the crowd, creating a lasting memory.

During his formative years, Guerrero received baseball training from his uncle Wilton.

He attributes his entire baseball education to his uncle, stating, “I believe everything I’ve learned in baseball has come from him. I’ve been practicing with him since the age of five, and he’s the one who instilled in me the importance of diligent practice.”

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