Casey Krager Obituary: High School Baseball Player Dies In Accident

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Casey Krager Obituary: A young prodigy, Casey Krager, met an untimely demise at the age of 18 in a devastating car accident that occurred on December 1 in Cedar Rapids.

The collision of two vehicles claimed the lives of four individuals, including Casey Krager.

During this difficult time, we extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the grieving families and friends affected by this profound loss.

Casey Krager A Standout Athlete on the Bettendorf Varsity Baseball Team in High School
Casey Krager: A Standout Athlete on the Bettendorf Varsity Baseball Team in High School (Source: Facebook)

Casey Krager, born in Bettendorf, Iowa, in 2005, was a promising individual with a passion for academics and sports.

He attended Bettendorf High School and successfully graduated in 2023.

During high school, he distinguished himself as a Bettendorf Varsity Baseball team member.

His early years saw him excelling in football, where he played as a tight and defensive end.

However, by his junior year, he shifted his focus to baseball, temporarily stepping away from football to pursue his passion.

He also showcased his intellectual prowess with an impressive 3.5 GPA, reflecting his commitment to academic excellence.

Tragic Collision Claims Four Lives 

In a tragic incident that unfolded in Cedar Rapids, a car collision claimed the lives of four individuals.

The accident occurred late Friday night when two vehicles collided, leading to one car catching fire.

Promptly responding to the distress call around 10:00 pm, authorities rushed to the scene on C Street Southwest near Edison Road.

Four Lives Lost, Including Casey Krager, in Horrific Car Accident At Cedar Rapids
Four Lives Lost, Including Casey Krager, in Horrific Car Accident At Cedar Rapids (Source: jobsbots)

What awaited them was a scene of unimaginable horror.

One of the vehicles was engulfed in flames, with the occupants desperately trapped inside.

Emergency responders, including dedicated police and firefighters, swiftly initiated efforts to extinguish the fire and extract those trapped individuals.

But despite valiant efforts, authorities regretfully pronounced the loss of four victims at the scene.

The devastating toll included individuals from Bettendorf, Iowa, with Carter Cooper and Casey Krager among the victims of this heart-wrenching tragedy.

Casey Krager Obituary: Embracing Healing Together

Casey Krager’s father, Jeff Krager, deeply affected by the loss of his son, extended a heartfelt invitation to friends and family through a poignant Facebook post.

He warmly welcomed everyone who knew Casey to their residence at 6644 Woodland Court on December 4 after 4 pm.

Acknowledging the shared grief and the challenging healing journey, he expressed that each person’s process is unique but hoped this gathering could offer an opportunity for collective solace.

As a close-knit family grappling with the pain, Casey’s father conveyed that they were not faring well, and he recognized that many others were likely facing similar struggles.

The invitation was an open call for friends and well-wishers to come together, share stories, and find moments of joy amid the sorrow in remembrance of Casey.

Jeff Krager Invites Friends And Family To Remember Casey Krager
Jeff Krager Invites Friends And Family To Remember Casey Krager (Source: Facebook)

The family, including Lonni Mueller, Nadine, Brad, and Cooper Krager, welcomed visitors for an informal gathering.

The event aimed to contribute to the healing process, drawing strength from the collective support of friends and family.

The post encouraged everyone to drop by without knocking – symbolizing the openness and warmth of the gathering.

Attendees were invited to come in, share stories, offer hugs, or simply be present for one another.

Krager’s Funeral 

Our Savior Lutheran Church in Bettendorf will host a visitation to honor Casey’s life.

Located at 3775 Middle Road, the visitation will begin at 10 am and continue until 1 pm.

Rather than flowers, the family kindly requests that cherished memories be shared, or donations be made to the Platelet Disorder Support Association, “PDSA,” or the Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Casey Krager and his girlfriend Dalaney Yeggy at Hotel Xcaret México in March 2022
Casey Krager And His Girlfriend Dalaney Yeggy at Hotel Xcaret México In March 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Casey Krager is survived by Jeff Krager (father),  Nadine (Brad), Fetters (mother), Cooper Krager (brother), and Dalaney Yeggy (girlfriend).

Likewise, other family members include grandparents Alan (Jackie) Krager, Robert Peterson, Beverly Galetti, and Tom Gillmore.

Stepsisters Samantha and Sydney Fetters, Uncle Justin (Danielle) Krager, and Aunt Nicole (Robert) Garrigues extend the family bonds.

Cousins Brady and Kamryn Krager, AJ Garrigues, Mitchell (Katherine), Celik, Jennifer (Paul) Holsclaw, and Jessica (Dennis) Michiels contribute to the shared memories and connections.

The familial thread continues with the presence of great aunt Christine (Abe) Celik and great uncle Ed (Lynne) Peterson.

Last but not least, his cherished pets—Sammy, Louie, Benson, and Charlie—remain integral to the lasting memories and affection that defined his life.

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  1. I was devastated & heartbroken by the news & my heart hurts for Casey’s family, he meant a lot to me , he was my grandson Collin’s best friend. I will never forget how he always gave me a hug & said “hi grandma “B” every time I saw him !!! That was so special to me 🥰 What a wonderful kid ❤️❤️


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