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Sheldon and Suzzane Henne are the proud parents of Chad Henne. Sheldon and Suzzane are the biggest supporters of Chad.

Chad Steven Henne was born to his parents in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on July 2, 1985.

When Henne was in third grade, his parents moved to Wyomissing along with him and his sister Tracie Henne.

Chad Henne Throwing The Ball
Chad Henne Throwing The Ball (Source: Instagram)

Chad Steven Henne is an American former professional football player who played as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL).

He started his NFL journey started as the second-round pick by the Miami Dolphins of the 2008 NFL Draft. Besides the Dolphins, he played with Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Additionally, he spent the majority of his first season on the bench as the backup quarterback to veteran Chad Pennington.

Moreover, the two-time Super Bowls champion (LIV and LVII) earned first-team Big Ten and second-team All-Big Ten honors.

What Do Chad Henne Parents Do?

Chad Henne’s parents, Sheldon and Suzanne, were working-class parents and worked hard to raise their two kids.

Sheldon was able to maintain two sources to generate enough income for his family—one as a full-time welder and another as a secondary school football trainer.

Since childhood, Henne has shown a hardworking attitude and learned from his father how to become effective in the field.

Chad Henne's Kids, Wife And Mother
Chad Henne’s Kids, Wife And Mother (Source: Instagram)

Watching Sheldon try his best at the welding site inspired Chad to work hard in everything you do.

Thanks to his father, Chad was instilled with a work ethic and dedication, which helped him excel as a better football player.

Moreover, Chad had always praised his father for what he did to raise them. He acknowledged that what his father did was more painful than what he did on the pitch.

Sheldon Henne was not expecting his son to start a game for the Michigan Wolverines as a rookie in 2004.

However, Chad played in the game, and his father smiled proudly as he watched his child play on the biggest stage.

Not to mention, Chad’s mother has always supported him and frequently attended his games.

Suzanne, also known as Sue Henne, works as an office supervisor at Reading Family Dental Centre, a position she has held for the past 33 years.

Chad Henne Retirement

On February 12, 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback won his second Super Bowl victory in Chad Henne’s 15-year playing career.

Henne posted on Instagram hours after the game and announced his retirement from football during the celebration.

Chad's Retirement Announcement
Chad’s Retirement Announcement (Source: Instagram)

“Calling it a career,” Henne wrote on Instagram. “Capping it off with a Bud Light and another ring!”

Henne joined the Chiefs in 2018, the first season Patrick Mahomes was their full-time starter.

Although he played only one game in five seasons, he had an important role for Kansas City.

Moreover, the quarterback was also successful in earning the moniker “Hennething Is Possible.” 

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