Chandler McDaniel Parents Clint And Lindy McDaniel: Sister And Family

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Chandler McDaniel’s parents, Clint and Lindy McDaniel are soccer freaks who played a crucial role in shaping her career. Today, her parents are proud of the height she has reached.

Chandler credits her parents for her accomplished soccer career, as they believed in her potential from a young age. Her father coached her during her early day, and her mother was always there to support her.

As Chandler’s parents are soccer fanatics, the love for soccer runs down the bloodline in her family. 

Even her two professional siblings, sister- Olivia and brother- Griffin, compete nationally and internationally.

Professional Soccer Player Chandler McDaniel
Professional Soccer Player Chandler McDaniel (Source: Instagram)

The 26-year-old forwarder Chandler McDaniel has been a member of the Philippines women’s national team since 2021. 

She played collegiate soccer for the Virginia Tech Hokies (2016-2017) before joining the Milwaukee Panthers (2018-2019). 

After graduation, the player began her professional journey, joining the Philippines national team.

McDaniel debuted for the team at the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers in the Philippines’ 2-1 win over Nepal. She made an early impression, assisting the goals and contributing to the team’s victory. 

Moreover, despite enduring a consequential injury, she contributed to the team’s success, helping in their 2023 FIFA World Cup qualification. 

Rejoining the squad, McDaniel will play in the opening game of the 2024 AFC Women’s Olympic qualifiers in April 2023.

Chandler McDaniel Parents: Clint And Lindy McDaniel

Born on February 4, 1998, Chandler McDaniel is one of five kids of her parents, Clint McDaniel and Lindy Isip.

McDaniel belongs to a diverse family, with her father hailing from California and her mother being a Filipina with roots in Pampanga and Davao City.

Her parents met at the University of California in Santa Barbara, where her father studied Flim Studies. Following his college graduation, Clint joined Chapman University to pursue an MBA.

But given his growing passion for soccer, he decided to pursue a coaching career after graduation.

Chandler McDaniel Parents
Chandler McDaniel Parents (Source: Facebook)

Clint McDaniel is a former assistant coach for the Philippine women’s national team. Before that, he served as a coach in California at Corona Eagels FC. Currently, he works for South Coast Industrial Door Inc. as Vice President.

Similarly, McDaniel’s mother, Lindy, is also a soccer fanatic. In 2012, she connected with Ernie Nierras, PWNFT’s then-coach, and eventually became affiliated with the Olympic Development Program.

Nevertheless, their shared love for soccer not only brought them together but also influenced their daughter’s soccer journey.

Chandler’s parents have wholeheartedly embraced and encouraged her passion, providing unwavering support along her athletic journey.

Chandler McDaniel Siblings Are Also Into Soccer

The passion for soccer ingrains McDaiel’s family, as evidenced by the involvement of her siblings.

Although it is unknown how many siblings Chandler has, her two siblings, Olivia and Griffin, share the same career aspiration.

Like Chandler, her older sister, Olivia, also plays for the Philippines women’s national team.  If Chandler plays as a forward, Olivia plays as a goalkeeper for the team.

Chandler McDaniel With Her Sister
Chandler McDaniel With Her Sister (Source: Instagram)

Olivia debuted for the squad at the 2021 AFC Women’s Asian Cup Qualifiers. Her two penalty saves against Chinese Taipei at the qualifiers match qualified the Philippines for their first-ever World Cup tournament.

Along with her sister Olivia, Chandler is representing the Philippines in the ongoing 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Likewise, her brother, Griffin, has been a part of the Philippines Soccer League club Stallion Laguna since 2020. The attacking midfielder has internationally represented the Philippines U23 in championships.

The McDaniel siblings undoubtedly dominate the soccer world with their exceptional playing skills.

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