Charles Woodson Wife April Woodson: Married Life And Kids

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The Super Bowl XLV champ Charles Woodson and his wife, April Woodson, are raising their two kids together. The couple who married in 2009 enjoy 14 years of togetherness.

Woodson, a retired NFL player-turned-analyst, has passed down his football expertise to his sons: Charles Jr. and Chase. Both of them are football enthusiasts.

In May 2021, the former football player shared a video of his youngest son Chase showing some head-turning moves against his youth flag football games.

Charles Woodson And His Wife April Dixon Woodson
Charles Woodson And His Wife, April Dixon Woodson (Source: Instagram)

The Fremont, Ohio native was born with clubbed feet, as a result, he had to use corrective shoes.

But it didn’t stop him from pursuing a career in sports & went on to play football at Ross High School and then at the University of Michigan.

Woodson became the 4th overall pick of the Oakland Raiders in the 1998 NFL draft, falling behind Peyton Manning (#1 pick), Ryan Leaf (#2), and Andre Wadsworth (#3).

From 1998 to 2005, he played for the Raiders before his trade to Green Bay Packers (2006- 12). With the Steelers, Charles won the Super Bowl XLV.

Then, the cornerback returned to the Oakland Raiders in 2013 for a second stint. On January 3, 2016, Charles played his final game and hung his cleats.

After retirement, the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame pursued a broadcasting career.

From 2016 to 2018, he served on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown before joining Fox Sports. as a college football studio analyst.

Charles Woodson Wife April Woodson: Married Life And Kids

The 47-year-old former NFL player Charles Woodson enjoys a 14-year-long marital relationship with his wife April Woodson.

The two married on November 17, 2009, but kept further about their wedding details under wraps.

On November 17, 2021, April shared an Instagram post with her husband on the occasion of their 12th wedding anniversary.

Before their marriage, the two were already parents of their eldest son Charles Jr. Some sources cite that Charles and April are high school sweethearts.

Charles Woodson And His Wife April Woodson And Their Kids
Charles Woodson And His Wife, April Woodson, With Their Kids (Source: Instagram)

Together, the duo shares two kids, both sons.

Their first son Charles Jr. was born on February 1, 2009. The 15-year-old is reportedly playing for the Under The Lights Flag Football League (a national youth flag football league for kids in 1st-8th grade).

The couple’s second child, son Chase Woodson, born on October 23, 2010, also joins his elder brother Charles Jr. in the Under The Lights Flag Football League.

The athletic traits of Charles & April Woodson’s sons don’t come as a surprise, as Charles appears to have passed down some of his football greatness to his sons.

Charles aims to be a role model father & an inspiration to his kids; he missed his fatherly figure as a child.

Shortly after Woodsons’ birth, his parents: Solomon and Georgia, divorced. So, his mother raised him & his siblings (a brother & a sister) in a single-parent household.

More On Wife

The retired NFL player’s wife, April Woodson, went by her maiden name, “Dixon.” She was born on June 28, 1978, and is two years junior to her husband.

Her father’s name is Lorenzo Dixon, while details about her mother are not out. April grew up with two sisters: Kam Dioja and Camille, and a brother.

As reported, Woodsons’ wife, April, is a thyroid Cancer survivor, but the specifications are not out.

She is an active Instagram under the IG handle @apryl_woodson. She often shares the achievements of her sons and family moment on the platform.

Charles Woodson Is An Oenophile 

Woodson is an oenophile, and his interest in wine developed while playing football for the first time in Oakland, near the Napa Valley.

The Oenophile Charles Woodson
The Oenophile Charles Woodson (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, he partnered with former Robert Mondavi winemaker Rick Ruiz to manufacture a signature wine label, “Twentyfour by Charles Woodson.”

The company is based in Napa, California. It is a small-scale boutique winery, producing less than a thousand cases per year of its varieties.

The NFL warned Woodson not to endorse the brand himself because of the league’s alcohol policy, as the wine portrayed Woodson’s name and signature.

Arrested On Charges Of Intoxication

Despite an aspiring career, Woodson has seen the back of a prison cell- not once but twice.

The former Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson and safety Marques Anderson were arrested on December 20, 2004, on charges of intoxication hours after the Raiders’ victory against Tennessee Titans.

The two were taken into custody at 450 6th St. in downtown Oakland at about 4:20 am, police spokesperson Officer Danielle Ashford reported.

As reported, they were in the back of a woman’s car and wouldn’t get out, Ashford said. The two had problems maintaining their balance and had a strong odor of alcohol.

Woodson and Anderson were taken into Oakland City Jail.

However, this wasn’t Woodson’s first arrest as in May of 2000, he was charged with drunken driving (a blood alcohol level of .24, more than 21/2 times the legal limit in Michigan) with a suspended license in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

During that time, Woodson spent about 11 hours in jail before posting a $475 bond in that arrest and getting out.

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