Charlotte FC Coach Fired: Who Will Replace Christian Lattanzio?

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The big news currently is that Charlotte FC has fired their coach. They are now looking for his replacement. Read till the end to find out.

The team has thanked Christian for all his past contributions and wished him well in his future endeavors.

Italian Soccer Manager Christian Lattanzio
Italian Soccer Manager Christian Lattanzio (Source: AxiosCharlotte)

Hailing from Piacenza, Italy, the former Charlotte FC coach Christian Lattanzio was born on September 10, 1971.

His portfolio is very strong regarding his history as a soccer coach. Christian started his career in the academy of the team currently dominating the English Premier League, Manchester City.

He worked with the City’s youth team from 2013 to 2015. After showcasing his talents during his time with them, the United States invited him. 

Christian came to the States in 2016 to join the New York City FC as an assistant coach.

In 2018, he changed ship again as the OGC Nice of the French League appointed him as their assistant coach.

Then, he joined Charlotte FC as the head coach in the 2022/23 season.

He prefers to play the Italian style of soccer, which is very tactical and offensive in nature.

Breaking: Charlotte FC Coach Fired After A Humiliating Defeat

Charlotte FC has recently fired their head coach, Christian, and they are steadily searching for his replacement.

This is not new, as Christian took over as caretaker coach after the team fired the then-head coach, Miguel Ángel Ramírez.

The club then removed Christian’s caretaker status and promoted him as their head coach before the 2023 season.

Lattanzio led Charlotte to their first Audi MLS Cup Playoffs appearance in 2023. He is leaving after a year and a half in command, with a record of 24-24-15 in all competitions.

He experimented with the lineup too much, moving players out of their natural places and abandoning the 4-4-2 formation that landed him the job at the end of 2022.

Charlotte FC have fired Christian Lattanzio from the team
Charlotte FC Has Fired Christian Lattanzio (Source: SportsNaut)

It highlighted a divide between the front office and the staff. It also seems like a disconnection in direction between the manager and the sporting director.

According to sources aware of the matter, their coordination was deteriorating near the end of the season.

The team didn’t make a hasty choice to move on after a 5-2 loss to the New York Red Bulls in the playoff play-in round but instead spent time analyzing all departments before determining this week that it needed to go in a different route.

Charlotte FC thanked the head coach for his contribution to the team throughout his tenure through a tweet.

Along the same lines, they have also fired assistant coach Andy Quy.

Who Could Replace Him As The New Coach?

Even if the decision to vacate the club’s head coach position has been made, the club is still determining who could fill the fired coach’s position.  

Pundits have put forward their speculations, and a list of names has sprung up. Many say Greenville Triumph Soccer Club head coach and sporting director John Harkes might fill Christian’s shoes.

Christian Lattanzio Directing His Team According To His Strategy
Christian Lattanzio Directing His Team According To His Strategy (Source: CharlotteLedger)

He has recently declared that he will not renew his contract with them and is due to leave this December. Among others is a list of coaches who have been recently fired. 

Adrain Heath guided Minnesota United to the playoffs for four consecutive seasons in one of the list. They released him with two games remaining this year. 

Then we have Robin Fraser, who steered the Rapids to the top spot in the West in 2021 and made it to the final round of consideration for the Timbers position.

Finally, Ezra Hendrickson, who was released by Chicago early in the season, is also among the finalists for the Timbers job.

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