Chayce McDermott Brother Sean McDermott Is His Inspiration

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Baseball star Chayce McDermott doesn’t need to look far for sporting inspiration, as his brother, Sean McDermott, is a former NBA player.

Additionally, the McDermott family shares a rich history in sports, fueled by a common passion for competition and athletics.

Baseball Player Chayce McDermott
Baseball Player Chayce McDermott (Source: X)

Chayce McDermott is an American baseball player who plays a pitcher. He was born on 22 August 1998 in Anderson, Indiana.

Chayce played college baseball at Ball State University. Subsequently, he has made his mark in minor-league baseball.

Chayce McDermott Brother Sean McDermott

To begin with, Chase has an older brother, Sean, who is also involved in sports. However, unlike Chase, Sean plays basketball.

He played in the NBA with the Memphis Grizzlies for one year. Subsequently, he now plays professional basketball for Openjobmetis Varese of the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA).

Playing college basketball for the Butler Bulldogs, he went unselected in the 2020 NBA Draft. He later agreed to a contract with the Memphis Grizzlies.

The McDermott brothers, immersed in sports, continually fueled each other’s passion, serving as constant sources of inspiration and motivation on their journey toward excellence.

Chayce McDermott Brother Sean McDermott
Chayce McDermott Brother Sean McDermott (Source: X)

Subsequently, their shared dedication and mutual encouragement created a powerful synergy that propelled them to achieve remarkable feats in their respective athletic pursuits.

In particular, Chayce, as the younger brother, gained invaluable insights from his elder sibling, absorbing lessons on the intricacies of professional sports.

He had the advantage of learning from Sean about how an elite athlete should carry himself regarding fitness and diet.

Consequently, he is extremely grateful to his elder brother for being a source of guidance and inspiration in his athletic career. Chayce mentioned how Sean mentored him in his sporting development in an interview with The Athletic.

“With Sean being in the NBA a little bit last year and playing in the G League too, I got to kind of pick his brain about professional sports when I was starting to realize that professional baseball was an opportunity for me. We share stories and that kind of stuff and learn from each other.”

To summarize, the brothers maintain a healthy spirit of competition and excel at their respective athletic pursuits.

Rich Sporting Lineage In The Family

The sporting legacy of the McDermott family is not limited to the siblings. Their mother, Kim, has a noteworthy basketball background, having played at Indiana State and later managing a basketball facility in their hometown of Anderson, Indiana, for nearly two decades.

Chayce McDermott Mother Kim
Chayce McDermott Mother Kim (Source: WTHR)

Adding to the family’s rich basketball heritage, Kim’s father, Alan Darner, achieved acclaim as a high school basketball coach. He secured two Indiana state championships, earning a place in the state’s basketball hall of fame.

Moreover, Kim’s brothers, Linc and Tige, played basketball at Purdue and Appalachian State, respectively.

Subsequently, the collective achievements of their family members underscore the deep-rooted connection to sports that has shaped Chayce and Sean’s upbringing.

The two brothers are primed to add to the rich athletic history of their family. Inspired by their loved ones, they are navigating the competitive world of American sports.

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