Chelsea 2-0 Real Madrid: Chelsea against Man City next

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Chelsea started the English Champions League final against Manchester City after beating Real Madrid 2-0 at Stamford Bridge in the second leg of the semi-final, 3-1 in total.

Timo Werner put Chelsea ahead in the 28th minute of the game. After smashing an empty net under the cross after Kai Havertz‘s chip hit the post before Real rallied. 

The management missed four big chances to double their lead in the first 20 minutes of the second half.

The club’s management finally got their second game in the tie. Just five minutes before, Mason Mount held the center of local player Christian Pulisic‘s close. 

They finished a spectacular show and marked an unusual turn of events at the club since Thomas Tuchel joined in January.

Chelsea will now play their Champions League final for the third time (2008 and 2012) in Istanbul on May 29. 

And they have established their third English Champions League final after 2008 (Man Utd-Chelsea), and 2019 (Liverpool-Tottenham) as Manchester City look to complete the treble.

When is the Champions League final?

This year’s final match between Chelsea and Manchester City will occur in Istanbul on May 29.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium won the Champions League in 2005 when Liverpool went down 3-0 down at half-time to beat AC Milan on penalties.

UEFA has not yet confirmed the start date but says meticulous details about the match. Departure details and tickets will be made public by the end of the week.

How Chelsea booked a ticket to Istanbul with another closure?

Real Madrid needed to score goals in west London. 

They were giving former Chelsea favorite Eden Hazard, especially out of his old home. His second start in three months, but they were the club’s top managers.

Chelsea points to the right-hand side of Real’s defense. Mount’s shooting forced him to be rescued by Thibaut Courtois, another Blues player. 

And Werner turned around near the spot from Ben Chilwell’s center but was marked offside. Only Jamie Vardy has listened more times than Werner (36) of the Premier League team in all competitions this term.

Chelsea enters Champions League Final For the Third time (Source Eurosport)
Chelsea enters Champions League Final For the Third time (Source: Eurosport)

After Edouard Mendy’s brilliant goal from Karim Benzema was intensifying efforts to save a finger. Chelsea would celebrate the first game.

Werner was instrumental in getting the ball rolling and holding the ball well. In the same proportion as N’Golo Kante, who picked Havertz out of the box. 

Havertz’s chip lifted Courtois and hit the crossbar. But it fell to Werner, who was in the right place at the right time to kick the ball over the line.

The hit and miss nature of Werner’s debut season in England got epitomized just minutes later. 

And as Chelsea broke with men over, the German international picking the wrong pass. Before, Mendy has had to be at his best to tip over a Benzema header from Luka Modric’s cross.

After 45 minutes in the Champions League final, Chelsea just needed to keep another clean sheet. Which they were experts at under Tuchel, registering 18 of his 24 appearances.

But they went out looking for the Real and came out in the second round with an offensive blitz.

Chelsea made Real’s job even more complicated.

Havertz almost made Real’s job even more complicated. With Cesar Azpilicueta’s cross-head overhead in the crossbar. At the same time, Thiago Silva went unmarked from the kick-kick in Chilwell. 

An excellent job of catching Werner then released Mount to the box at an angle. Only to have the Englishman of the world burn more than the bar.

Despite having one of the best defensive records in the Premier League since Tuchel joined, Chelsea’s shotgun rate is among the lowest (17). It has also shown as Courtois denies Havertz is down after being relegated.

Havertz almost made Real's job even more complicated (Source Goal .com)
Havertz almost made Real’s job even more complicated (Source: Goal .com)

Luck had been with Real this season as Kante imitated Havertz’s miss, which Courtois on the ground rejected. After being put in the net by Werner before Thiago Silva looked away from the corner of Mount.

Somehow, in the closing stages, Real was still in contention. But Chelsea ended up killing him and passing Mount. 

It was breaking the number fifteen in the second half. Chelsea found its clinical boundaries as Pulisic chose Mount Square. 

He returned home to promote greater freedom and happiness for the players and staff.

Including missed chances, this was a regular Chelsea game. And with their win in the FA Cup semi-final as evidence. 

There is a natural feeling that Tuchel’s side could better inspect Pep Guardiola’s much-known Istanbul side.

What the management said

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel says: “This was another robust operation being full of positive attitude. And hunger, a sense of accomplishment. 

“Their heads were never down. Even after these great opportunities, they were hopeful. on the first day. “

“I was pleased with what I saw. When I arrived, I thought of each other and as a group. They were solid and well-behaved, and that did not stop.

Thomas Tuchel (Source Sky Sports)
Thomas Tuchel (Source: Sky Sports)

“We are stuck and fighting our way, and we use our bodies and the level of work. And if we can’t play with them, we work for them. 

“They never came back; they never got frustrated. I never saw a change in mind or body language. It was excellent and courageous. We never went back. bad. “

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane says: “We have tried, but Chelsea was so a better team today. And you have to congratulate them. I also want to congratulate my players for what we have done this season. 

“We have tried, but we were fighting against a team that was better than us today.”

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