Chelsea Look To Bolster Up Their Squad: Haaland Becoming A Blue?

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March 17, Stamford Bridge:

Chelsea FC, one of the most famous and legendary clubs globally, has a reputation for splurging cash on high-quality players.

Erling haaland is reportedly being scouted by chelsea as they look for a brand new striker.

Chelsea is currently undefeated. The defense is rock solid, but the problem that the Chelsea fans want to solve as soon as possible is the number of goals they score.

The Blues have scored 7 goals in their last 7 games and have conceded just once. This clearly shows that they require a true striker who can bag them a lot of goals.

German Reinforcements

Roman Abramovich splashed more than $200m on bringing in the players like Kai Havertz and Timo Werner, even during the difficult time caused by Covid-19, where different clubs were in financial trouble.

The German duo had a big reputation in the Bundesliga and was brought in to help improve Chelsea’s attack.

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However, this seems very far-fetched now. Both of them have really struggled to score goals and remain consistent in forms.

Kai Havertz and Timo Werner in Chelsea Kit
Kai Havertz and Timo Werner in Chelsea Kit. (Source: Google)

Timo Werner hasn’t had that much of an effect in goal as he is suffering from a serious goal drought, which ultimately has caused Chelsea to score less and less goal game by game.

As for Kai Havertz, being such a young player, he’s gone through a lot during his first stint at London.

He has suffered from various injuries and contracted the Covid-19, which has dipped his form far from expectation.

Even though this is their first season, there have been signs of improvement in their recent games, so the Blues fans are somewhat content with the duo’s performance.

Can Tuchel Actually Bring The German Duo’s Form Back?

Chelsea sacked their club legend Frank Lampard from the managerial position as the team didn’t perform as expected during his era.

Roman decided to bring in an experienced German coach in Thomas Tuchel, with the hope of bringing stability to the team and getting the likes of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz back in form.

Under Tuchel, the Blues have shown a lot of improvement. Especially Werner.

Even though he hasn’t scored many goals, his form is getting better and better, and his involvement in the team has improved a lot.

Tuchel Can Bring The Form OF The Germans Back
Tuchel Can Bring The Form OF The Germans Back

When Lampard was Chelsea’s boss, Kai couldn’t get enough game time, mostly because he couldn’t adapt straight away to the new League.

Under Tuchel, Kai has improved significantly and shows why Chelsea actually paid big bucks to Bayer Leverkusen to bring the German to the Premier League.

Chelsea Look To Bolster Their Squad

Several reports popped up all around the English Media regarding Chelsea and bringing in new signings.

The like of Erling Braut Haaland from Dortmund, Florian Neuhas from Monchengladbach, and the likes of Ibrahima Konate.

With such players rumored to join the club, the Blues are also looking to offload different aged players like Marcos Alonso, Emerson, Danny Drinkwater.

These reports are just rumors surfacing in the media, and there is little to no chance that some of these deals might even happen.

But who knows? We all have to wait and see.

Chelsea To Swap Timo Werner For Haaland?

One of the hottest prospects in today’s football is the Norwegian striker Erling Braut Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. The striker has torn apart the leagues with his extraordinary and amazing performances, speed, and clinical finishes.

The striker has played 48 games in all competitions for Dortmund and has scored 46 games for them.

This is a streak that is rare and has made Haaland one of the most dangerous strikers in the whole world.

Chelsea is reportedly not happy with the performances of Werner. They don’t believe they got the player they paid the huge sum of money for.

So, he could actually leave London and go back to Bundesliga after just one year. 

The German was one of the most sort-out strikers from the Bundesliga but hasn’t lived up to the hype or the form he had previously shown.

Roman Abramovich, the Blues’s owner, is reportedly interested to send him back to the Bundesliga. He wants to bring in Erling Haaland and is looking to swap Werner + some amount of cash.

Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich
Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Wants To Bring Haaland To Stamford Bridge.

Despite being of such a young age, Haaland has proven that he can compete in the world’s toughest leagues and European competitions, so he would likely go to a club that can promise him that.

There is a chance for Chelsea being the team Haaland chooses to join if they reach the Top 4 in the EPL and can play the Champions League next season.

The final standing of Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga will also be a factor in the striker’s decision regarding his future.

European Giants like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Bayern Munich are in the race to land the Norwegian, so there are many competitions for the Norwegian signature.

Does Chelsea Really Need Haaland?

Although they have one of the hottest strikers globally, in the form of Timo Werner, his recent run of form really shows that Chelsea does need a clinical striker.

Haaland would be the best possible fit for the team that is going for European glory.

We have to remember that this is the first time Timo is playing in the Premier League. This is a new league, a new country for him to play.

Not everyone can settle properly. He still needs to adapt to the language barrier and the gameplay that Chelsea wants him to play.

In the case of Haaland, teams from the whole world are looking to sign him. So, if the Blues get the opportunity to get him, they will gladly accept that.

His form, clinical finishes, goalscoring prowess, and speed are something that Chelsea needs to succeed not just in the Premier League but also in European Competitions.

Haaland, being a target man, would definitely suit Tuchel’s playstyle in 3-4-2-1 formation, and Timo can go to one of the biggest and successful clubs in Bundesliga.

If Timo Werner can get his form and confidence back, the duo of him and Haaland will be impossible to stop.

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