Chloe Kitts Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating In 2024?

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Chloe Kitts boyfriend is believed to be South Carolina Gamecocks forward Collin Murray-Boyles. The two basketball players have been seen flirting on Instagram comments the past week, and the recent video might have sealed the rumors.

The 6’2 forward Chloe Kitts is the gold medal winner of the 2022 FIBA U18 AmeriCup. A graduate of DME Academy, Kitts is currently in her sophomore year. 

Chloe Kitts Is Currently In Her Second Year At South Carolina
Chloe Kitts Is Currently In Her Second Year At South Carolina (Source: Instagram)

In the recent video that has gone viral, Kitts said, “That’s my man,” when talking about freshman Collin Murray-Boyles. Murray-Boyles had a special night against Ole Miss, scoring 16 points and helping the side to a 68-65 win. 

The freshman has already become a fan-favorite and has grown tremendously from his first game against Clemson up until now.  

Chloe Kitts Boyfriend: Is She Dating Collin Murray-Boyles?

Chloe Kitts has a boyfriend, and fans believe it is Collin Murray-Boyles. The University of South Carolina’s basketball players are dating, and they seem to have confirmed it on their Instagram handles.

Collin had grabbed headlines after a stunning performance against Ole Miss. The freshman scored the most points, 16, but his block against 7’5 center Jamarion Sharp had the most impact on the game. 

It stopped the senior from cutting Carolina’s lead down to one possession. And with Murray-Boyles earning praises from everyone for his performance, Chloe Kitts couldn’t help but chime in. 

Chloe And Collin Might Have Gone Public With Their Relationship
Chloe And Collin Might Have Gone Public With Their Relationship (Source: Instagram)

In an Instagram video shared by Overtimewebb, Chloe can be heard saying, “Yeah, that’s my man,” after the reporter and Coach Dawn talked about Collin’s performance. 

Coach Dawn is seen making fun of her player, and shy Kitts walks away, saying, “That’s all I can say.” 

Murray-Boyles has reshared the video on his Instagram story and added a red heart and laughing emojis. In the past week, Chloe has commented on several of Collin’s posts.

In the compilation video of Murray-Boyles against Ole Miss shared by GamecockMBB, Kitts commented, “All eyes on you 30.” 

She also commented on the post shared by Collin on January 31. The 6’7 forward had shared a gallery of images of him heading out at night, on which Chloe commented, “u so fine.”

Chloe’s first comment on Collin’s post was on January 26, and it looks like she took her chance as she wrote, “Oh heyyy [heart emoji]

Murray-Boyles hasn’t interacted with any of Kitts’ comments, but Collin reposting the video seems to convince fans the two athletes are dating.  

Chloe Kitts Family

The basketball player Chloe Kitts is one of three daughters of Jason and Krystle Kitts. She is the Kitts family’s middle child and has two sisters, Ellie and Kylee Kitts. 

Her father, Jason Kitts, is the founder of Community Home Balance. A non-profit wellness and community organization established in 2016 after the Kitts family moved to Central Florida from Washington State. 

Chloe Kitts Pictured With Her Mom, Krystle, And Her Two Sisters
Chloe Kitts Pictured With Her Mom, Krystle, And Her Two Sisters (Source: Instagram)

Jason was the first one to realize his daughter’s talent and was her first trainer. Chloe was home-schooled throughout her high school years. She took online classes through a program called Florida Virtual. 

Chloe’s mom, Krystle Kitts, works as a sales director at Abbott and Alere Toxicology. On her Facebook handle, the proud mother has shared photos and articles of her athlete daughter. 

If Chloe’s older sister has taken a different route to Chloe, then her younger sister has followed in her footsteps. Chloe’s older sister, Ellie, is a nursing student, and her younger sister, Kylee Kitts, committed to the Gators basketball last year. 

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