Chris Evert Kids: Does She Have A Daughter? Three Sons

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Chris Evert Kids: Chris Evert, an enduring icon in the tennis world, continues to wield a profound influence on the sport long after retiring from her illustrious playing career.

With a staggering 18 Major championships to her name, Evert’s on-court prowess etched her name in the annals of tennis history, and her records remain unassailable.

Post-retirement, Evert seamlessly transitioned into a role as a mentor and coach, shaping the destinies of emerging tennis talents at the Evert Tennis Academy in Florida—an institution she co-founded alongside her brother, John.

Her commitment to nurturing the next generation echoes her enduring dedication to the sport.

Tennis Legend Chris Evert
Tennis Legend Chris Evert (Source: Lorne Adrain)

Beyond the tennis courts, Evert has become a familiar voice in the tennis community as a sought-after commentator during Grand Slam events.

Despite her on-court achievements, the spotlight has occasionally shifted to her personal life, marked by high-profile relationships.

In the realm of matrimony, Evert has experienced the ebb and flow of love three times.

Notably, it was with her second husband, the accomplished downhill skier Andy Mill, that Evert embarked on the journey of motherhood.

Her off-court experiences add layers to the narrative of a tennis legend whose impact extends far beyond the lines of the court.

Chris Evert Kids: Does She Have A Daughter?

No, the tennis legend Chris Evert does not have a daughter.

Evert’s journey into matrimony with Andy Mill unfolds a unique chapter in her life, sparked by the connection forged through her close friend and tennis rival, Martina Navratilova.

The duo exchanged vows in 1988, and throughout their 18-year marriage, the couple was blessed with the joy of raising three sons.

Chris Evert With Her Kids
Chris Evert With Her Kids (Source: Essentially Sports)

Their eldest, Alexander Mill, entered the world in 1991, marking the beginning of their shared adventure in parenthood.

Three years later, in 1994, the family welcomed Nicholas Mill, adding another layer to their familial tapestry.

Completing the trio, the couple’s youngest, Colton Jack Mill, arrived in 1996, rounding out a chapter of love, growth, and shared experiences within the Evert-Mill household.

What Do Chris Evert’s Sons Do? Do They Play Tennis?

While the allure of tennis briefly graced the lives of Chris Evert’s sons during their formative years, neither Alexander, Nicholas, nor Colton pursued the sport professionally.

Despite showcasing their tennis skills during high school, the trio opted for divergent paths, steering clear of the collegiate tennis scene or the rigorous grind of the ATP tour.

Immersed in the athletic DNA inherited from their legendary parents, the Mill siblings, however, cultivated a shared love for sports and outdoor pursuits.

Their parents’ athletic prowess echoes in their endeavors beyond the tennis court.

Nicholas Mill

Nicholas, for instance, found a passion for fishing, a shared interest with his father, Andy Mill, culminating in creating their own podcast.

Chris Evert With Her Sons
Chris Evert With Her Sons (Source: Pinterest)

Last year, Nicholas also embarked on a new chapter by walking down the aisle with his partner, Rebecca.

Alexander Mill

The eldest among the siblings, Alexander Mill, transitioned from a background in skateboarding to becoming an Invictus athlete.

A devotee of CrossFit, Alexander has channeled his athleticism into diverse arenas.

Colton Jack

Colton Jack, the youngest of Evert’s sons, maintains a more private profile. While details about his interests remain elusive, he occasionally accompanies his mother and brothers to events, contributing to the family’s unified presence in the public sphere.

Despite the diversification of their pursuits, the Mill siblings share a steadfast bond with their father, Andy Mill.

Chris Evert, too, maintains a warm and amicable relationship with her ex-husband, underscoring a family dynamic that transcends the boundaries of divorce.

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