Chris Gizzi Net Worth & Salary Before Fired: Where Will He Go?

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Chris Gizzi has a multi-faceted career portfolio, ranging from an NFL player to working as a strength and conditioning coach, making his total net worth intriguing.

Following their elimination from the NFL playoffs in 2024, the Green Bay Packers fired their strength and conditioning coordinator, Chris Gizzi.

Subsequently, there is speculation about his net worth and salary with the Packers, given his impressive track record.

Former NFL Player And Coach Chris Gizzi
Former NFL Player And Coach Chris Gizzi (Source: Green Bay Packers)

Chris Gizzi, a former NFL linebacker and a strength and conditioning coach, is a well-recognized name in football.

Although he had a short career as a player, he has earned great respect through his coaching venture.

Most recently, he served as the strength coach for the Green Bay Packers before being fired in January 2024.

Chris Gizzi Net Worth And Salary 2024

To gauge the net worth of the former linebacker, it’s essential to analyze the various stages of his career.

After playing college football for the US Air Force Academy, he was signed up as a practice squad member by the Denver Broncos in 1998.

However, he was not able to make it into the main roster. NFL salaries for practice squad players are substantially lower than the main roster payouts.

Chris got his first big break with a sign-up from the Green Bay Packers in 2000. Subsequently, this was his first big sporting contract.

However, his NFL career did not last more than two years. Following his short professional career, Chris ventured into coaching.

Gizzi Played For 2 years With The Packers
Gizzi Played For 2 years With The Packers (Source: Pinterest)

He has coached at various levels: high school, college, and the NFL. Since 2014, he has been involved with the Green Bay Packers in their strength and conditioning department.

Notably, the NFL’s strength coaches earn much more than other sports like baseball or basketball.

An NFL strength coach’s salary is typically around $500,000 annually, with slightly higher or lower values depending on the resume.

An experienced head in the game, we estimate Chris Gizzi’s salary at the Packers to be around the $400,000 to $500,000 mark.

Aside from football, Chris has worked as a consultant for the sporting brand Nike. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur and has opened his businesses named Zone Ready and Atlas Performance.

In summary, we estimate Chris Gizzi’s total net worth to be around $1 million to $2 million.

A significant fragment of his fortune is accredited to his career as a fitness coach. With a respected resume, it will be interesting to see his next contract.

As his fame and experience grow, his net worth will rise substantially in the coming years.

His Firing And More

After an almost decade-long association with the Packers, Chris was fired in 2024. This is part of a roster shake-up following their exit from the NFL playoffs.

Gizzi Was Fired In January 2024
Gizzi Was Fired In January 2024 (Source: FOX)

In an official announcement, head coach Matt LaFleur acknowledged Chris for his contributions and wished him luck in his future endeavors.

“We appreciate Chris for his dedication and contributions to our success over his time with the Packers. We wish Chris and his family the best moving forward.”

Following his dismissal, speculation has started regarding his next move. With such an impressive coaching portfolio, his services will be in demand in the NFL circle.

For the moment, Chris seems to be enjoying the off-season and has not made any official statement regarding his next move.

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