Chris Livingston Brother Cordell: The Twins Share An Unbreakable Bond

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The 2023 NBA draft prospect Chris Livingston and his twin brother, Cordell, attend different universities, but the two have an unbreakable bond. While Chris plays collegiate basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats, Cordell attends Kentucky State in Frankfort.

Chris Livingston is apparently more famous than Cordell, as his stats are better, and he has already moved ahead to begin his professional basketball career.

A consensus five-star recruit and one of the top players in 2022, Chris has only played one season for the Wildcats.

Despite his average performance in his first college season, Chris is almost sure he will have a successful draft, thanks to his past records.

The Kentucky Wildcats Small Forward Chris Livingston
The Kentucky Wildcats Small Forward Chris Livingston (Source: Cavaliers Nation)

A child prodigy, Chris received university scholarship offers before reaching high school. He was fourteen when he received an offer from the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Livingston has achieved several honors and accolades, including the McDonald’s All-American and SEC Freshman All-Team.

Besides, he represented the United States at the 2019 FIBA Under-16 Americas Championship in Brazil. In addition to helping his team to the championship victory, Chris became the MVP as he was a leading point scorer throughout the tournament.

Chris Has An Unbreakable Bond With His Twin Brother

Cordell Livingston was born on October 15, 2003, to his mother, Julia Livingston, in Akron, Ohio. Aside from his twin brother, Chris, he has four other siblings: Cydnee, Corey, Courtney, and CJ.

His mother, Julia, works as a doctor at a clinic in their hometown. Growing up with his twin brother, Cordell began playing basketball at the young age of 5. 

Chris Livingston's Twin Brother Cordell
Chris Livingston’s Twin Brother, Cordell (Source: Twitter)

Since then, the two have represented the same team throughout their basketball career until they reached college.

In 2021, Chris chose to play for the Kentucky Wildcats, despite getting offers from universities like Tennessee State and Georgetown.

While, Cordell attended Kentucky State University, some 25 miles from the University of Kentucky, where Chris is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Exploratory Studies in Agriculture.

Before that, the two brothers played together for Buchtel High School, Western Reserve Academy, and eventually at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. They constantly keep in touch though they have gone separate ways and are cheerleaders for each other.

Cordell is a redshirt freshman at Kentucky State and will probably begin playing for them in the upcoming season.

He is happy for Chris and hopes his brother gets picked in this year’s draft. He also plans to join his brother in the NBA soon. After all, they are inseparable.

As per ESPN’s draft expert Jonathan Givony, Chris Livingston is projected to be No. 53 overall pick, going to the Minnesota Timberwolves via New York Knicks.

LeBron James Mentors Chris

Many people may not know this, but LeBron James and Chris Livingston know each other on a personal level. Livingston remembers that he was an eighth grader when he first met LeBron.

A native of Akron, LeBron often visits his hometown, where he assists numerous school basketball programs and camps.

During a similar occasion, he noticed Livingston when he was playing at Buchtel High School.

The NBA Power Forward LeBron James Is A Huge Influence On Livingston's Life
The NBA Power Forward LeBron James Is A Huge Influence On Livingston’s Life (Source: Investopedia)

Since then, the two players have been in contact with each other, and Chris feels lucky to receive advice and tips from the veteran NBA player about basketball and life in general.

Growing up in Akron, Livingston says the four-time NBA champion significantly influences every kid who plays basketball there.

Perhaps the most fortunate among them, he can easily reach out to James through text and considers him his mentor.

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