Chris Olave Parents: Causha Olave and Raul Olave & Family

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Chris Olave was born to his parents, Causha Olave and Raul Olave, on June 27, 2000, and raised in San Ysidro, California, alongside his two siblings, Isiah and Joshua.

The Olave family boasts a strong athletic background, with both of Chris’s brothers, Isiah and Joshua, excelling as elite football players as well.

Chris Olave Parents: Causha Olave and Raul Olave & Family
Chris Olave (Source: Instagram)

Distinguished for his exceptional skills on the field, Chris Olave has taken the NFL by storm as a star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints.

Prior to his professional career, he honed his talents as a member of the Ohio State team for a remarkable four years.

His abilities caught the attention of the Saints, leading them to select him in the early rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Chris Olave Parents: Meet Causha Olave and Raul Olave

Born on 27 January 2000 in the San Diego district, the 24 year-old wide receiver for the Saints has a mixed ethnicity.

His father, Raul, is of Cuban descent, while his mother, Causha, is African-American. Chris comes from a humble beginning. His parents had to sacrifice a lot to make him the successful man he is today.

Olave’s mother, Causha, admirably shouldered the weight of several jobs to put food on the table.

Meanwhile, his father diligently persevered through two decades of night shifts, ensuring the sustenance of their household and the upbringing of their three children.

Chris deeply recognizes that the resilient foundation of this family unit was meticulously constructed by the concerted efforts, determination, and selfless sacrifices of Causha and Raul.

Chris Olave Parents: Causha Olave and Raul Olave & Family
Chris Olave Parents And Brothers Las Vegas Draft Night (Source: Instagram)

In April 2022, during the draft, Raul and Causha were present at the watch party held in Las Vegas.

As anticipation filled the air, the moment arrived when Chris Olave’s name was announced.

The emotions that swept across Raul and Causha’s faces were a testament to their profound joy and satisfaction.

Early Career

Chris’s football journey began at Eastlake High School in Chula Vista, where he showcased his talents for two seasons before making a pivotal move to Mission Hills High School in San Marcos, California.

However, his junior year saw him on the sidelines due to the California Interscholastic Federation transfer rules, a period that undoubtedly fueled his determination.

In his senior year, Olave’s star shone brightly as he amassed an impressive record of 93 receptions, tallying an astounding 1,764 yards and 26 touchdowns.

This standout performance solidified his reputation as a remarkable athlete.

Beyond football, Olave also exhibited his versatility by contributing to his school’s basketball and track teams, displaying a well-rounded athletic prowess.

Recognizing his immense potential, Olave committed to Ohio State University in January 2018, marking a pivotal moment in his journey toward becoming a football sensation.


Chris has two siblings, brothers Isiah Olave and Josh Olave, both of whom play football.

Isiah Olave

Isiah Olave, a talented college football player, has made his mark as a cornerback for the University of California.

Embarking on his collegiate journey in 2017, Isiah joined the ranks as a freshman and became an integral part of the UC Davis Aggies football team.

In his inaugural season, he contributed as a defensive back in 11 games, amassing an impressive record of 16 tackles.

In 2018, Isiah’s trajectory took an exciting turn as he transitioned to the cornerback position, a role he would fulfill throughout his remaining years on campus.

His dedication and commitment to his craft led him to earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2020, showcasing not only his prowess on the field but also his determination to excel academically.

Chris With His Siblings
Chris With His Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Prior to this, he played for his high school team from 2014 to 2016.

These early experiences laid the foundation for his growth as an athlete.

In a moving show of sibling support, Isiah penned a heartfelt letter to his older brother, Chris, after the Saints drafted him for the 2022 NFL campaign.

This moment was captured on camera as Chris read the heartfelt message live on the Saints’ official Facebook page.

Isiah’s heartfelt congratulations were imbued with the shared joy of family accomplishment and dreams realized.

His letter also beautifully acknowledged the depth of pride the entire family felt for Chris’s remarkable achievement.

It highlighted how this momentous occasion allowed each family member to hold their heads high, cherishing the fulfillment of Chris’s aspirations.

Josh Olave

Josh Olave is the youngest among the brothers in the Olave household.

He is a standout senior cornerback for the Weber State Wildcats, having commenced his collegiate journey with the team in 2020.

Prior to his time at Weber State, Josh gained recognition as a top prospect during his tenure with Azusa Pacific.

Over three seasons, he demonstrated his prowess in 32 games for the Cougars, achieving notable accolades such as the Academic All-Conference honor and the GNAC honor on two occasions.

Chris Olave Parents: Causha Olave and Raul Olave & Family
Chris Brother Josh Olave (Source: Instagram)

In a pivotal move in December 2020, Josh made the transition to Weber State, marking a significant chapter in his football career.

During the 2020-21 season, he exhibited his skills in four games, contributing three tackles to the team’s efforts.

Building on this momentum, in the subsequent season, Josh participated in three additional games, showcasing his prowess with an impressive tally of five tackles.

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