Christian Braun Parade- Nuggets Rookie Stuns Fans With WWE Championship Belt

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Denver Nuggets guard Christian Braun had an unforgettable time at the team’s triumphant championship parade on Thursday.

The rookie’s infectious energy and enthusiasm were evident from the moment he stepped onto the celebratory route.

Sporting his team’s vibrant colors, Braun couldn’t contain his excitement as he interacted with the fans lining the streets.

As the parade progressed, the atmosphere became electrifying, and Braun’s infectious smile grew wider with each passing moment.

Christian Braun With WWE Belt At Parade
Christian Braun With WWE Belt At Parade (Source: Twitter)

Amidst the sea of cheering supporters, Braun’s shirt was whisked away by a teammate, creating an uproar of laughter.

Despite this, Braun embraced the spontaneous joy and enjoyed the parade.

Braun appeared to cut his hand at one point, but that didn’t stop him. He was the first one introduced at the rally at Civic Center Park, and the crowd went wild.

Christian Braun Parade- Nuggets Rookie Stuns Fans With WWE Championship Belt

The championship parade in downtown Denver, Colorado, was an unforgettable experience for Nuggets rookie Christian Braun, who fully embraced the joyous celebration.

Braun was sporting the WWE Championship belt the Nuggets were gifted as champs at the parade.

Standing out among the crowd, the 22-year-old proudly wore a WWE championship belt slung over his shoulder, exuding a sense of accomplishment and triumph.

Not content with just the belt, he also held a bottle of sparkling champagne, symbolizing the team’s well-deserved victory.

Braun decided to pay tribute to the legendary shooter Stephen Curry in a moment that added an extra spark to the parade.

Emulating Curry’s iconic “night night” celebration, Braun recreated the gesture, alluding to Curry’s renowned shooting prowess.

The crowd responded with delight and appreciation, recognizing Braun’s homage to one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

How Many People Were At The Nuggets Parade?

A crowd of approximately 750,000 fans flooded the streets on Thursday to honor the Nuggets as the champions.

After enduring a 47-year wait, Nuggets supporters flocked to downtown Denver to partake in the exhilarating parade.

The festivities ignited a massive street party that reverberated throughout the heart of the city, captivating attendees for hours on end.

The festivities’ excitement peaked as fans gathered before dawn, eagerly anticipating the day’s events.

Rookie Christian Braun
Rookie Christian Braun (Source: Denver Sports)

At 9 am, the pre-rally kicked off at Civic Center Park, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Renowned artists like Big Gigantic and GRiZ treated the crowd, which stretched from the Denver City and County Building to the Colorado Capitol and spilled into nearby streets, to captivating performances, igniting the atmosphere with their incredible music.

The parade itself was a sight to behold, with Nuggets players riding atop firetrucks that made their way along the route from Union Station down 17th Street.

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