Coach Frank Reich Wife Linda Reich Was A Former Cheerleader

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Frank Reich wife, Linda Reich, was a cheerleader and is currently working as a devoted philanthropist. The couple got married in 1987.

The head coach of the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL) is Frank, a former quarterback. 

We will look at the life of the woman who was able to win the American football coach’s attention and successfully keep it for a long time in this article.

Frank Reich in the field giving command
Frank Reich In The Field Giving The Command (Source: Bullscore)

He spent seventeen seasons as a head coach, working with the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and Indianapolis Colts.

Frank spent six seasons as a head coach throughout his career, the first three with the Indianapolis Colts. He commanded the Colts for five seasons, collecting a 41-40-1 record.

Coach Frank Reich Wife Linda Reich Was A Former Cheerleader

Frank Reich’s wife, Linda Reich, is absolutely gorgeous. At Cedar Crest High, where they supposedly first met, Linda was a cheerleader, and Frank was a football player.

Rumor has it that Linda Reich was dating Frank’s acquaintance when their relationship ended.

When Linda ultimately found herself working for Frank, the two decided to be married in 1987.

Frank Reich wife Linda with her granddaughter Bishop
Frank Reich Linda With Her Granddaughter Bishop (Source: Colts)

Since getting married, the pair has made significant progress. The couple had three lovely girls throughout their marriage and time together.

She is a personal trainer, sports therapist, and brand ambassador for the Lululemon Clothing company. 

Frank’s interview revealed that Linda took sending her girls to sleepovers extremely seriously and that she frequently questioned other parents.

Linda has taken the sexual abuse of the children extremely seriously. She and her spouse may have established the ‘kNot Today Foundation‘ for this reason.

In collaboration with a local group named Pat’s Place, the charity works to safeguard kids from sex abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

Frank And Linda Reich First Daughter, Lia

Frank Reich, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, has an older daughter named Lia.

On social media, specifically Twitter, she is followed by a remarkably large number of people.

Her spouse had always been an avid Panthers supporter, but after being married, he gratefully switched to becoming a “Frank” supporter.

Lia And Her Husband
Lia And Her Husband (Source: Twitter)

She also has a wonderful daughter who frequently spends time with her granddad.

Lia works in a tech company, as indicated in her Twitter account, and she is an active supporter of the Knot Today Foundation, which defends children.

Second Daughter Aviry Reich And Her Husband

Aviry Reich Williams, the second daughter of the head coach, works in athletics. But in a different capacity and presently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

According to her private Instagram page, she is a sports counselor and consultant, mental health champion, speaker, and researcher.

Likewise, she completed her doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina in 2019.

Aviry Reich On Her Wedding Day With Family
Aviry Reich On Her Wedding Day With Family (Source: E Celebrity Mirror)

Avery is blissfully married to Brett Williams, the love of her life, who is a University of North Carolina graduate as well.

Similarly, her current counseling and consulting business, Limitless Living Counseling & Consulting, PLLC, is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Aviary generally shares inspirational sayings and works to inspire her followers to lead healthier lives.

The Youngest Reich: Hannah Reich

Hannah Reich Fairman, the youngest child of Frank Reich, was employed by the Panthers to work in their marketing department.

According to LinkedIn, this is her first position at any level of a professional team.

Frank's daughter Lia, Hannah and Aviry when they were small
Frank’s Daughters Lia, Hannah, And Aviry When They Were Small (Source: Colts)

Nevertheless, she is very outspoken on social media, where she backs the Indianapolis Colts’ decisions.

Moreover, she served as a sector spokesperson to promote drone technology use, awareness, and acceptance. She was in charge of Wing’s Global Communications and Marketing Division.

We are aware of the simple yet elegant wedding of Hannah with her then-fiancee, Andrew Fairman, in July 2021.

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