Cody Ford Parents: Father Robert And Mother Leah Ford

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The American professional football player Cody Ford was raised in a nurturing atmosphere, guided by his parents.

Additionally, his maternal grandfather served as his mentor and closest companion.

Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Guard Cody Ford
Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Guard Cody Ford (Source: Instagram)

Cody Ford is an American football offensive lineman who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League (NFL).

Initially, Ford had committed to TCU but later switched his commitment to the Oklahoma Sooners.

In 2018, Ford earned recognition as a third-team All-American as a key member of the offensive line.

The Buffalo Bills selected him in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft, being the 38th overall pick.

After playing for the Buffalo Bills from 2019 to 2021, Ford joined the Arizona Cardinals for the 2022 season.

Subsequently, on March 16, 2023, Ford inked a one-year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cody Ford Parents: Father Robert And Mother Leah Ford

The Cincinnati Bengals offensive guard Cody Ford was born on December 28, 1996, in Louisiana, United States.

Following her divorce from her first husband, Leah and her son relocated to her parents’ residence.

Unfortunately, after their separation, Cody’s biological father became increasingly distant.

This void was filled by Eddie Rabalais, Cody’s grandfather and fondly referred to as “Papa,” who had previously played as an offensive lineman.

Cody Ford & His Grandfather Eddie Rabalais
Cody Ford & His Grandfather Eddie Rabalais (Source: The Athletic)

Athletic prowess appears to be a family trait. Mark Rabalais, Leah’s brother and Cody’s uncle, showcased his skills as a center at Northwestern State.

In the absence of a father figure, Eddie Rabalais took on dual roles as both grandfather and mentor for Cody.

Ensuring Cody’s active participation in sports in their hometown of Pineville, La., Rabalais enrolled him in T-ball and youth league football.

Recognizing Cody’s potential, Rabalais further encouraged his development by enrolling him in Nicholls State’s offensive line/defensive line camp as he grew older.

Leah Ford remarked, “My dad, he basically was Cody’s best friend.”

Relationship With His Step-Father

In 2008, Leah tied the knot with Robert Ford, who later adopted Cody.

Despite this new addition to the family, Eddie Rabalais continued to play a pivotal role in Cody’s life.

Robert, who already had a daughter from a previous marriage, remained actively engaged in both children’s athletic pursuits.

His daughter and Cody, born just a month apart, eventually attended the same high school.

Cody Ford With His Parents Leah & Robert Ford
Cody Ford With His Parents Leah & Robert Ford (Source: Town Talk)

The couple frequently crossed paths at local youth sporting events, with both deeply immersed in various activities.

Leah managed the youth basketball league at one point, and Robert became involved in the youth baseball complex’s administration, further solidifying their supportive environment for Cody.

Robert observed over the years that Cody consistently found ways to overcome obstacles. “From a young age,” he noted, “whenever Cody faced a challenge, he was determined to navigate through it. He always managed to achieve what he set his mind to. It’s been truly remarkable witnessing his journey from where he started to where he is today.”

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