Cortnee Vine Partner Charlotte Mclean: Relationship Timeline

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Cortnee Vine and her partner Charlotte Mclean are soccer players for the same club, Sydney FC. The two went public with their relationship in 2019.

Not only do they play for the same team, but Cortnee and Charlotte play defense. Charlotte is the central defender, and Cortnee plays as a right-back and a winger. 

Charlotte McLean And Cortnee Vine (R) Pictured At An Event In March 2022
Charlotte Mclean And Cortnee Vine (R) Pictured At An Event In March 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The pair has an age gap of two years and previously did a video together for the Sydney FC YouTube channel. With the two in defense, Sydney FC has a formidable team that has won three Premiership titles in a row. 

Though Charlotte couldn’t make it to the World Cup squad, her girlfriend Cortnee Vine did. The Australian Women’s team has made it through the next stage, and Vine, with her teammates Alanna Kennedy and Hayley Raso, is looking to make history. 

Cortnee Vine Partner, Charlotte Mclean

Cortnee Vine’s partner, Charlotte Mclean, plays as a central defender for Sydney FC. Born on March 1, 2000, Charlotte has become one of the top rising players for the club. 

She began playing for the Sky Blue in 2020 as a right-back earning 14 starts. Charlotte won the premiership title in her debut season with Head Coach Ante Juric in charge. In 2021, Mclean made 16 starts in the league, and in the same year, they won consecutive titles.

She made the same amount of starts in the 2022 season, and Sydney FC women made history by winning their third title. In an interview with the Sydney FC website, Charlotte shared that her love for soccer began at a young age.

Charlotte McLean In Action For Sydney FC In January 2022
Charlotte Mclean In Action For Sydney FC In January 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Mclean recalled her childhood memories of traveling to W-League games and recounted stories of watching Sydney FC at Leichhardt Oval. With her teammates, Charlotte has forged a strong defense for Sydney FC.

In her first two seasons, Sydney FC only conceded 17 goals, but in 2022 conceded a total of 15 goals. In conversation with the Sydney FC website, Charlotte had stated her desire to play in the World Cup.

Though it couldn’t be this time around, the young player certainly has several years ahead of her to represent her country in the international tournament.

Cortnee Vine And Charlotte Mclean Relationship Timeline

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean went public with their romance in 2019. The pair’s first picture came together in 2018, with Cortnee sharing a picture with Charlotte at an event at Sydney University. 

On January 22, 2019, Cortnee shared a snap of Charlotte, captioning the post, “I appreciate you.” Charlotte replied to the post with a mutual feeling, as it looked like the two soccer players enjoyed a picnic together.

The same year Cortnee shared a long appreciation post for her favorite human being. She shared a picture of Charlotte dancing at a party as she jotted down her feelings about her teammate at Sydney FC.

Cortnee And Charlotte Share A Romantic Moment In A Picture Shared In 2020
Cortnee And Charlotte Share A Romantic Moment In A Picture Shared In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

The two soccer players confirmed their romance in July 2019 as they walked down the red carpet at a GQ Event. In 2020, as Cortnee moved from Western Sydney Wanderers to Sydney FC, the two even began sharing dressing rooms as well. 

In an interview with Optus Sport, Cortnee revealed she lives with Charlotte’s family. She also revealed their families didn’t have a problem accepting their relationship. 

The couple also went against the norm and didn’t make any announcements about being together. Cortnee and Charlotte believed they didn’t feel the need to do it when they dated guys, so why now.

Charlotte shared a sweet post for Cortnee before the start of the World Cup Tournament. She wished the best for Cortnee and the Maltidas, and till now, except against Nigeria, it has been smooth sailing for the team.

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