Cory Sandhagen Remembers His Brother Jacob Sandhagen

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The UFC fighter Cory Sandhagen lost his young-aged brother, Jacob. However, the actual cause of his death is still under review.

Cory Sandhagen shared a really strong bond with his brother that was more akin to friendship than a traditional brotherly one.

Also, Cody is inspired by Jacob’s memory to pursue his goals tenaciously, both inside and outside of the octagon.

Cory Sandhagen Pictured Inside His Car In Denver, Colorado
Cory Sandhagen Pictured Inside His Car In Denver, Colorado (Source: Instagram)

American professional mixed martial artist, Cody, was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. There he played basketball in his youth at Smoky Hill High School and later showed interest in combat sports.

The kickboxer started his career with his LFA debut in February 2017, however, lost the first match against Jamall Emmers.

Cory, currently, is in the Bantamweight division in the UFC, making his promotional debut on January 27 against Austin Arnett.

Generally referred to as ‘The Sandman’, Sandhagen has received two Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night awards in the UFC.

Moreover, his win against Frankie Edgar has been named the 2021 Knockout of the Year by Cageside Press.

Apart from his fighting career, Cory also teaches mixed martial arts at the High Altitude Martial Arts in Aurora, Colorado. He also previously worked part-time at a trauma center for children.

Late Brother Jacob Sandhagen

The late brother of Cory Sandhagen, Jacob was raised together with Cory in Aurora, Colorado. The younger Sandhagen also attended the same school as his older brother Cory for primary education.

Sadly, Jacob Sandhagen passed away at a very young age leaving a void in the life of Cory and his family. However, the time and cause of the death are not yet disclosed.

Moreover, the MMA fighter does not share much about his personal life and mostly focuses on his professional career.

At the same time, there is not much information available about his late brother. Cory himself has not disclosed the information on his social handle.

As Cory Sandhagen continues his journey in the UFC and beyond, he does so with his late brother in mind.

Jacob’s memory fuels Cory’s determination, and his achievements become a testament to the impact that a lost loved one can have on someone’s life.

Despite his brother’s untimely death, Cory Sandhagen values his family’s support as he pursues his extraordinary MMA career.

More On Sandhagen Family

The ‘Sandman’ Cory Sandhagen was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, by his father, Jerry, and mother, Sheila Sandhagen, along with his late brother Jacob and a sister named Megan.

Sandhagen has publicly acknowledged his family and how they have influenced his life, despite keeping his siblings’ whereabouts a secret.

Cory Sandhagen With His Mom Shiela, Dad Jerry And Sister Megan
Cory Sandhagen With His Mom, Shiela, Dad, Jerry, And Sister, Megan (Source: Facebook)

Cory was pretty close with his dad while growing up. Jerry is kind of a quieter guy who taught his elder son humility and work ethics from an early age.

Similarly, in an interview with, Cody talks about his mom Sheila as a quiet listener who understands him like no one else does.

The MMA star’s parents encouraged him from an early age, motivating and supporting him on and off the Octagon.

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