CR7 10 Best Hairstyle Choices For You

Welcome to our article where today, as the title suggests, we look at CR7 best hairstyle choices for you!

Cristiano Ronaldo, also famously known as CR7, is a 37 year-old Portuguese professional soccer player who needs no introduction. His reputation precedes him.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, he plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and captains the Portugal national team. Ronaldo is one of the world’s most marketable and influential athletes.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo (Source: Sports Illustrated)

As a result, the Portuguese player has a vast following worldwide. He is the most popular and followed athlete on Instagram, with a following of over 470 million. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that fans look up to him and want to follow what he does.

Ronaldo is a trendsetter; if you look at his Instagram, you can see exactly why. His extraordinary skills, physique, and charming personality make him the fans’ favorite. And his hairstyle is another aspect that fans love to copy.

Truthfully, CR7 is blessed with his genes, and whichever style he does, he pulls off marvelously. Over the years, there are different styles that he has tried but nothing over the top.

So today, we have compiled a list of ten different CR7 best hairstyles that you can try. Let us look at the hairstyles together!

CR7 10 Best Hairstyle Choices For You

We have compiled today’s article from internet sources like HairstylesFeed, MenHairstylesWorld, etc. But before the details, take a look at the rankings of the list in the table below.

10.Long Hair with a Headband
9.Pompadour-Inspired Top with Short Sides
8.Side Part with Blonde Highlights
7.Brushed Back Side Part
6.Shaved Sides, Asymmetrical Top, and Tribal Decal
5.Curly Hair with Frosted Tips
4.Comb Over with Part Styles
3.Faux Hawk with an Undercut
2.Spiky Haircut with Frosted Tips and Blends
1.Short Simple Hairstyle


10. Long Hair with a Headband

The first hairstyle on our number 10 of the CR7 best hairstyle choice for you is long hair with a headband. This hairstyle will be ideal for those who like longer hairstyles compared to short, athletic ones.

Ronaldo was seen with the hairstyle in 2004 when he played for Manchester United. And even for him, maintaining long hair was not easy, and he used a hairband to push his hair back.

Ronaldo's long hair with a headband look
Ronaldo’s long hair with a headband look (Source: Pinterest)

Simple yet effective, and it looks stylish! The headband gives the hair a puffy appearance, and it seems variant. You can use hair gel if you wish, but it is a style you can try without much effort.

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9. Pompadour-Inspired Top with Short Sides

It is rare to see Ronaldo with long hairstyles, and except for his earlier days, he has been chiefly seen with short hairstyles. And on number 9, we have one of his iconic short hairstyles.

CR7 in pompadour-inspired top with short sides
CR7 in the pompadour-inspired top with short sides (Source: MenHairStylesWorld)

Although we have yet to see the player pull off a classic pompadour, we have seen the player with a pompadour-inspired top with short sides. His side-tossed locks get the rough shape of retro pomp in the FIFA 18 trailer.

This stylish hairstyle is realistic and could be an ideal choice for you. Likewise, it also makes for a great summer hairstyle.

8. Side Part with Blonde Highlights

The next hairstyle on our list is one of the few looks where we see Ronaldo with a longer hairstyle. He pulled off this side part with a blonde highlight hairstyle during his last year in Lisbon.

CR7 changed his visual by adding a bit of a new shade of blonde highlights to his hair. Similarly, he allowed some of his natural loose curls to hang on his sides that, flesh out his facial features.

CR7's side part with blonde highlights
CR7’s side part with blonde highlights (Source: Pinterest)

Opposite to his frequently used caramel highlights, the blonde highlight gave a more vibrant look. It does make for a great hairstyle for those with naturally curly hair.

7. Brushed Back Side Part

The brushed-back side part is one of Ronaldo’s low-maintenance yet stylish looks. This hairstyle was one of the variations the player pulled off during his time at Manchester United.

Ronldo with brushed-back side part
Ronaldo with a brushed-back side part (Source: Pinterest)

You will need a hair gel and a volumizing hairbrush for this hairstyle. Take a handful of the hair gel and splash it in the hair. Then, use the volumizing brush to conceal the look. One of the easy hairstyles that are right up to anyone’s alley!

6. Shaved Sides, Asymmetrical Top, and Tribal Decal

You can try CR7’s shaved sides with an asymmetrical top and tribal decal for a more creative and stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle will surely spice up your look.

CR7's shaved sides, asymmetrical top, and tribal decal
CR7’s shaved sides, asymmetrical top, and tribal decal (Source: Pinterest)

With a creative shaved design that you can experiment with, it is also one of the popular hairstyles of the Portuguese player. You can use hair gel to set your hair at the top.

This hairstyle goes beyond the norm, and trying new approaches is the key to the haircut.

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5. Curly Hair with Frosted Tips

Ronaldo generally gels his hair or has short hair and naturally curly hair. And sometimes, we have seen the player with his natural curls. His curly hair with frosted tips hairstyle is where he has embraced his natural curls.

Most of his curly hairstyle variations were glossy, and this hairstyle is a bit on the flat side. It contained a good, chunky amount of highlights and is also free of styling products.

CR7's curly hair with frosted tips
CR7’s curly hair with frosted tips (Source:

You will need a brush, a round or paddle is ideal, and a hairdryer. Brush your hair and use the hairdryer to give your hair a blowout to achieve volume. This hairstyle makes for a perfect choice for those with naturally curly hair.

4. Comb Over with Part Styles

On number 4 of the CR7’s best hairstyle, we have one of the iconic looks of Ronald with comb-over with part styles. It is one of the hairstyles that we frequently see the player pulling off.

Ronaldo's comb over with part styles
Ronaldo’s comb-over with part styles (Source: Pinterest)

It is a simple hairstyle with shaved-down sides and a slightly longer top. You can use hair gel to set your hair on the sides. Anyone can pull off this simple hairstyle effortlessly.

3. Faux Hawk with an Undercut

Another hairstyle that we have often seen Ronaldo switching to is the faux hawk with an undercut. Thanks to him, the faux hawk became one of the men’s most popular fade haircuts.
Over the years, CR7 has experimented with different styles of faux hawks. He was spotted with this haircut while playing for Lisbon B.

CR7's faux hawk with an undercut
CR7’s faux hawk with an undercut (Source: Pinterest)

The sides of his hair were supported with a skin fade. While the player’s top hair was set with a pomade or hair gel. Another suitable hairstyle for an athlete that you can also pull off without much effort.

2. Spiky Haircut with Frosted Tips and Blends

Our second pick for the CR7 best hairstyle we have Ronaldo’s spiky haircut with frosted tips and blends. He was spotted with the hairstyle during Euro 2004, a faux hawk and mohawk hybrid.

The hairstyle makes for a clean look, and the sides are kept shorter to give the highlights at the top a rise. Recreating the hairstyle will be very easy, and you can put your touch by changing the highlights a bit.


Ronaldo's spiky haircut with frosted tips and blends
Ronaldo’s spiky haircut with frosted tips and blends (Source: Pinterest)

You can use hair clay with a matte finish to achieve a finish that looks precisely like Ronaldo’s. Likewise, you can change the highlight colors to more vibrant ones to suit your taste.

‘Ronaldo is the best!’ All Cristiano Ronaldo fans agree that he is the best player in the world. If you beg to differ, here are the 12 reasons to change your mind!

1. Short Simple Hairstyle

We know Ronaldo likes to keep his hair short and well-trimmed. Therefore, our top pick for CR7 best hairstyle we have his short and simple hairstyle. It is one of the low-maintenance and effortless looks you can give a try.

It is one of the shortest hairstyles of the Portuguese player. If you prefer a short hairstyle that is especially great for summer, then this hairstyle will be an ideal choice for you.

CR7's best short simple hairstyle
CR7’s best short, simple hairstyle (Source: Pinterest)

It is practical and easy to maintain. Anyone can pull off this look; you do not need anything special to keep the look. Therefore, it is our number 1 best CR7 hairstyle choice for you!


Like we said before, Cristiano Ronaldo is a trendsetter. Whatever he does, his dedicated fans follow him and his hairstyles are particularly popular among his fans.

While we often see the Portuguese players rocking his short hair, we see him with different variations of short hairstyles. You can take inspiration from the player’s hairstyle and add a twist by yourself.

There are many types of experiments you can do on your own. Adding different colors, highlights, and creative shaved designs are some of the ways you can own the hairstyles. You will surely love it!

So whichCR7’ss hairstyle has caught your eye the most? Make sure you give it a try for your next hairstyling!

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