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“Hard work is the most important key to success. Success is nearly impossible without being willing to work hard and put everything into it.”

The above saying is a full-time mantra of Craig Ehlo. He is a retired basketball player heading straight from Texas, United States of America.

Ehlo played for almost an eternity of 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). There have been clubs and significant events in this player’s life in the NBA duration.

Today, we will point out and explain everything you need to know about the talented Ehlo.

Craig Ehlo Playing
Craig Ehlo is an American Basketball Player. 

This article will also provide facts that you will hardly find anywhere. Before we start digging, let us look at the quick facts section.

Craig Ehlo | Quick Facts

Full Name Joel Craig Ehlo
Date Of Birth August 11, 1961
Place Of Birth Lubbock, Texas, United States
Nick/Pet Name Craig, Eggs, Mr. Everything 
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging Caucasian
Father’s Name Not known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Number Of Siblings 1 (Carla Ehlo )
Education Washington State University
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age 62 years old
Height ‎6’6″ (1.98 m)
Weight 180 lb (81 kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic
Marital Status (Married) Jani Ehlo
Girlfriend No
Children Three 
Occupation Retired Basketball Player
Net worth $1 Million
Salary Not Available
Active Since 1983
Pets Dogs (Champ, Moose)
Current works Color analyst
Social Handle Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Basketball Trading Card, Autographed Card
Last Update May, 2024

Craig Ehlo | Age, Height, and Body Measurements 

Ehlo is currently 62 years old as of 2024. His birth date is also celebrated as Independence Day in Chad and Agricultural show day in Australia.

Talking about Craig’s height, it is an enormous 6 feet 6 inches. People of this height are scarce on our planet. Only three percent of all people are of that height. 

 In conclusion, this player is a gifted individual in terms of height. Likewise, Ehlo weighed around 91 kg in his playing career.

According to BM Index, Craig still can gain weight if he wants to. But as of now, he has an average BM Index.


Craig is a fine-looking gentleman with blue and gorgeous golden hair; he has attracted many fans and admirers. Fortunately, the gene didn’t only favor him in height and facial features.

This Caucasian player had a pleasant hairstyle which can be classified as the ‘boy next door’ looks of the 20s.

Generally seen in casualwear and jerseys, but once in a while, his formal attire looks spectacular and A-one.

Young Craig Ehlo
Young Craig Ehlo

Even though Ehlo is in his 50s, he still has the spark as it was in his 20s. The secret recipe must be exercise, a good diet, and enough rest.

Also, the lanky player’s zodiac sign is Leo, ruled by the sun itself. The individual born under these signs has an attractive and magnetic personality. They are also extravagant, affectionate, striving, and domineering.

Craig Ehlo | Early Life and Family 

Ehlo’s parents were proud to welcome their baby in Lubbock, Texas. Although their identity is unknown, they must have been very proud.

Texas can be a great home to settle into. The state’s primary and well-assured things are low-cost living, food & music scenes, and peculiar places to stay.

It is also some of the things that make Texas so exclusive. Raised in the same place as Lubbock, Craig began to outshine all three major sports — football, basketball, and baseball.

He also has a sister named Carla Ehlo, who always supports him throughout.

Craig Ehlo’s Education

Craig would devote the summer to working on his aunt and uncle’s cotton farm when baseball season would end in June. Then, he would play football again once the season started. This was a cycle.

Everyone in his family assumed that he would pursue baseball or football, and Ehlo went for basketball. Because he was a skinny guy, but he had long arms, and he could drive and make 3-pointers.

And finally, Craig modeled his game next to ex-San Antonio Spurs Hall of Famer George Gervin, who had a similar body type.

Ehlo used to study at Monterey high school and went to Odessa College from 1979 to 1981. After that, he joined Washington State University, where his playing career started.

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Craig Ehlo | Career & Stats

In the senior year of his college, this six feet six inches tall player got himself into a tournament. It was the NCAA tournament where he dragged the Cougars along with him. 

The Houston rockets selected Craig in the third round of the NBA draft. He almost bedazzled everyone with this skill and caused the opponent team to lose.

This player expended most of his profession with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Ehlo Playing for Cleveland Cavaliers
Ehlo is Playing for Cleveland Cavaliers

However, there is an interesting story behind the team selecting Ehlo. A previously signed player by the club got injured, so they took Ehlo in instead.

Altogether through Cleveland, he matched his stats of 5,130 points, 2,285 assists, and 2,267 rebounds in seven seasons.

The Infamous ‘The Shot’

Talking about his career, every basketball fan knows ‘The Shot,’ and unfortunately, Ehlo was the victim.

Bulls player Michael Jordan showed one of his great performances that night. It is typically known as the shot where defending that move was in the hands of Ehlo.

Likewise, it was even depressing to lose that game among the home crowd of Cleveland.

The main reason why he couldn’t defend was because of the injury he had in the same game. Plus, Jordan was an equally talented opponent.

Move to Hawks & Retirement

After that, Ehlo went to the Atlanta Hawks and the Seattle Supersonics, where he officially retired.

As he retired from basketball, he began to explore the different professions.

Firstly Craig functioned as an analyst on Gonzaga men’s basketball games for five seasons. And then converted to an associate coach for Eastern Washington University. He resigned after two years.

State Cougars men’s basketball recently hired Ehlo as a color analyst on all Washington home games throughout the 2019-20 season.

You can check Craig Ehlo’s career stats, highlights, and records on ESPN sites.

Craig Ehlo | Net Worth & Income 

Ehlo is a wealthy former basketball player. Given his talent, many clubs tried to recruit him. But Craig chose to go with the clubs whose contract agreement satisfied him. 

The primary income of Craig, as of now, is not basketball, but he hasn’t left this field. 

Also, his accumulated wealth from the sport is enough to sustain a luxurious livelihood for him and his family. The estimated net worth of Craig Ehlo is around $1 million. 

First off, he worked as a color analyst and professor after his retirement. Even though Ehlo is no longer a professor, he is a color analyst at present. Given his experience, the organization must pay him well.

Craig might have some stocks and investments, which could be either active or passive forms of income. 

A player of his level is expected to live a financial burden-free life, and Ehlo is living his dream. 

Not only that, but he might be involved with different brand promotions and advertisements.  

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Craig Ehlo | Personal Life and Struggles

Ehlo found true love with his gorgeous wife Jani, married for over 24 years. He met her in the senior year of his college. The couple has been inseparable since then.

Moreover, Craig and his wife have three children altogether. The oldest daughter is Erica, 21; she plays volleyball at Grand Canyon University. It is a private Christian university in Phoenix.

The middle child, Austin, is 18 years old and is a senior in high school. The last kid of the couple is Gavin, a 13-year-old seventh-grader.

Today, Craig couldn’t be more contented as he’s in a place he darlings (Spokane, Wash) with people he adores (his wife and three children).

He was also doing approximate things that he values (inspecting basketball for a living).

Overdosing & Recovery

Sadly, Craig got addicted to overdosing on the doctors’ painkillers after his back surgery. At one point, when his wife wanted him to stop taking any, he created a scene.

He piled up all the clothes and set fire to them; this led him to a night in jail. Jani and the kids were, as expected, petrified.

But one night on the cold floor of the jail made this man quit his overdosing. When he came back to his senses, Ehlo was very sorry about the part of him that his wife and kids had to face.

Now he is actively working on quitting the pills forever and moving ahead by forgiving himself. It seems like Jani has forgiven and accepted her loving husband.

There is good in bad, and bad is good; nobody is perfect even though we strive for it.

Craig Ehlo | Social Media Presence 

  Instagram: 274 Followers

 Twitter: 1,162 Followers

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Craig Ehlo | FAQs

Is there a phone number, home address, and mailing address where fans can send him wishes or call him?

Yes, they’re a phone number, home address, and mailing address to request autographs and send fan letters to Ehlo.

So if you want to get an autograph from Craig, you have to send a letter to the above address with a size of 8.5 x 4 inches.

But fans have to wait up to 3 months to hear back from him. And in case of no reply, you have to resend your letter or exchange it with another address.

How good was Craig Ehlo’s defense?

Ehlo is known as an excellent defensive guard during his career period. He mostly averaged 8.6 points per game. 

What is the Cavs jersey number of Craig?

Craig wore jersey number 3 while playing with the Cavs.

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