Cynthia Frelund Boyfriend: Who Is The NFL Network Analyst Dating?

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Cynthia Frelund has not revealed details regarding her love life, so we do not know if she has a boyfriend.

A popular name among NFL fans is Cynthia Frelund. The analyst has built an amazing career with her special statistical surveys.

Moreover, regarding her personal life, she keeps most details discreet. So her dating life and history are a mystery for viewers.

NFL Analyst Cynthia Frelund
NFL Analyst Cynthia Frelund (Source: Instagram)

Cynthia Frelund is a 44-year-old television personality specializing in analysis and reporting. She works for the NFL network, where she extensively works as a predictive analyst.

Frelund was born and raised in Okemos, Michigan, and attended Okemos High School. Then she joined Boston College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, in Biology.

Furthermore, Cynthia went on to complete her Master of Science in Predictive Analysis from Northwestern University. She also has a degree in Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing and Finance.

Eventually, her interest in sports led her to become an analyst for the NFL’s Chief Financial Officer. With her skills, she contributed to the NFL office regarding subjects like the number of games and relocation of a team.

After that, Frelund joined ESPN where she worked as a predictive analyst for four years. She came back to the NFL but this time in the network sector covering multiple profiles of jobs.

Moreover, Frelund is mostly active as an analyst, with her computation she predicts a plethora of elements regarding NFL athletes. She also writes columns called Game Theory and appears on shows like NFL Fantasy Live.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Cynthia Frelund?

Cynthia is an extremely professional personality. She uses her educational skills to match up her tough job and the fans are left in awe.

However, her personal life is a big secret, especially her dating history. Despite being active on Instagram with more than 150k followers she does not reveal much.

Unlike other reporters she sticks to football and her analysis most of the time. We have near to no information regarding the involvement of love in her life.

The NFL analyst may be single or maybe not, only she knows.

Cynthia Is A Pilates Instructor

Besides predicting which player gets how many touchdowns, sacks, or rushing yards, Frelund is also into fitness.

She completed her Pilates training classes before working as an analyst. Cynthia has worked with two huge fitness groups, Equinox and East Bank Club.

Moreover, she became a certified trainer back in 2005. It is an interesting side hustle to have but she does not necessarily need it at present.

Cynthia Frelund: How Accurate Is She?

As a student of data science and predictive analysis, Cynthia has built her whole brand around this subject.

She uses analytics and combines that information with information from games, talking to former players and other people around the NFL.

Cynthia Is A Master Analyst
Cynthia Is A Master Analyst (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, through computer modeling, she writes her own codes to generate thousands of simulations of each game. Finally, it results in solid predictions.

So, we can see the effort she gives to her job. And for that effort, she has a prediction rate of above 60%.

Many fans follow her analysis and trust her, while many often say she’s a fraud. But in reality, she is a hardworking woman, as things like predictions are never assured.







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