Dakotah Lindwurm Husband: Is She Married To Partner Montana Popehn?

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Dakotah Lindwurm Husband: The American long-distance runner Dakotah Lindwurm shares a deep bond with her partner Montana as she navigates the world of athletics.

The successful career of marathon runner Dakotah Lindwurm saw another chapter as she qualified to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Subsequently, her success is a consequence of her hard work, talent, and the support of her loving partner.

Marathon Runner Dakotah Lindwurm
Marathon Runner Dakotah Lindwurm (Source: Instagram)

Dakotah Lindwurm is a well-renowned professional long-distance runner who represents the United States.

She gained widespread recognition for consecutive wins at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.

To begin with, she started her sporting career playing hockey in the goalie position.

Following her college graduation in 2017, Lindwurm directed her attention towards a career in professional running, becoming a member of the Minnesota Distance Elite team.

Dakotah Lindwurm Husband: Is She Married?

The marathon runner is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Montana Popehn. However, the couple are not married.

As Dakotah competes in the cut-throat world of athletics, Montana stands as an unwavering pillar of support in her career.

The couple maintains a harmonious balance between their thriving professional careers and fulfilling personal lives.

Dakotah And Her Boyfriend Montana
Dakotah And Her Boyfriend, Montana (Source: Instagram)

Even with Dakotah’s intense world-class athlete schedule involving frequent travel and extensive practice hours, the couple manages to sustain a strong connection through mutual support.

The couple spends their free time traveling to different places and going on adventures. In October 2023, Montana accompanied Dakotah on her first Chicago trip.

The marathon runner encapsulated the moment on Instagram with a beautiful picture and heart-warming caption.

“Thanks for being my number one fan and adventure partner, Montana!”

Hence, having a supportive boyfriend by her side is a great advantage for her blossoming career.

Montana and Dakotah’s Journey in the Running World

Montana is a dedicated track and field enthusiast who wholeheartedly supports her partner, Dakotah, in her races.

Their story took an exciting turn in May 2023 when Montana decided to participate in her home state’s inaugural marathon, the Run for the Lakes.

However, she opted to cover only the first half of the challenging course.

For Montana, the experience became more than just a personal running achievement; it became a heartwarming journey of companionship.

Dakotah Lindwurm And Her Boyfriend Montana Popehn Clicked On July 17, 2023 At Hopkins, Minnesota
Dakotah Lindwurm And Her Boyfriend Montana Popehn Clicked On July 17, 2023, At Hopkins, Minnesota (Source: Instagram)

Running alongside Dakotah as she completed her first full marathon held a special place in Montana’s heart, creating cherished memories they both treasure.

Whether cheering each other on during training sessions or celebrating personal milestones, Montana and Dakotah’s shared passion for running has become a cornerstone of their connection.

Montana Is Involved In The Corporate World

Montana Popehn serves as the Senior Manager at UPS Procurement at Coyote Logistics, a company in Minnesota.

As the Manager of Strategic Solutions at Coyote Logistics, he is responsible for orchestrating the planning and execution of the UPS Peak season.

Additionally, he manages quoting and upholds commitments for all current and new Coyote business.

Academically, he graduated with a degree in Air Traffic Control and Communications from the University of North Dakota.

With over a decade of experience in the corporate sector, Montana boasts an impressive resume.

Montana Graduated With A Degree In Air Traffic Control
Montana Graduated With A Degree In Air Traffic Control (Source: Instagram)

He has held various positions at Coyote Logistics for the past seven years. Subsequently, he got promoted to his latest role of Senior Manager in April 2023.

Aside from that, he has also done some volunteer work, showing his spirit of giving back to the community.

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