Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones provides $20 million for the National Medal of Honor Museum

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According to the USA Today, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has committed $20 million to advance the National Medal of Honor museum campaign in Arlington, Texas.

Additionally, it is expected that the funding will make the museum’s investment $70 million at the moment. Not to mention, it isn’t his first time standing up for a good cause. 

To date, Jones has donated and funded more than $396,000 to help elect Republicans.

Jerry Jones’ Stance

Apparently, the National Medal of Honor Museum and Leadership Institute is paving their path to honor the legacy of the medal’s recipients.

Standing at the AT&T Stadium, it has reached the 30th anniversary of National Medal of Honor Day. 

Indeed, they debuted the museum first during the Civil War. Back then, they bestowed the honor as the highest military award for valor in combat. 

Dallas Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones

Thus, marking the honor, Jones involved himself in a keen awareness. 

“We need to show each other love from every kind of bias we can talk about. I’ve never seen anything that nails it like the recognition of the Medal of Honor winners and what they stood for. I’m keenly aware that when we endorse or we significantly recognize something special about our country, that’s going to have noticed.”
-Jerry Jones

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Stories and the Values

As a matter of fact, Jones and his family are linked to the museum ever since 2019. Additionally, they have pushed the foundation forward to move in just six values. 

Courage, sacrifice, commitment, integrity, citizenship, and patriotism are the ones that portray the pillar of the foundation.

Furthermore, their Medal of Honor has been a sign of racial and religious diversity. 

Indeed, the meanings and the tradition has been running way back since the era of wars and battles.

Counting the numbers to date, the foundation has awarded 3,507 individuals among which 69 of them are still living. 

Altogether, the foundation will be available in two locations: Arlington and Denver.

Design of National Medal of Honor Museum
Design of National Medal of Honor Museum

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A Common Goal 

Actually, the foundation doesn’t only comprises the award holders. In fact, it binds everyone around the NFL with the common goal about character-driven leadership and empowering patriotism.

Currently, everyone is gathered to put the foundation in-stance and indeed, the design plan has all been covered.

Apart from NFL, the rulers of the countries like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and many more are involved.

As Jerry Jones shines a light on diversity, he dreams of the future where his fans and people are involved together in the museum despite their backgrounds.  

Altogether, the foundation is to be set by the year 2024. A long way to go, yet perfect to wait. 

“We need to show each other love from every kind of bias we can talk about. I’ve never seen anything that nails it like the recognition of the Medal of Honor winners and what they stood for. Let’s all pitch in and love each other and do it for each other.”
-Jerry Jones 

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Other Charitable Works

Besides the current work, Jerry Jones has donated to the Gene and Jerry Jones Arlington Youth Foundation.

Apparently, this foundation works to provide facilities for people involved in sports.

To date, he has supported many Arlington youths with over $16.5 million in donations for the organization. 

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