Dan Morgan Net Worth 2024: Panthers GM Salary & Career Earnings

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A hard-tackling linebacker as a player and a sharp mind on the executive front, Dan Morgan has managed to amass a substantial net worth.

The veteran, Dan Morgan, who has a long association with the NFL, is the new GM of the Carolina Panthers.

This has led to people scouring the internet for his earnings, salary, and total net worth.

Dan Morgan Played In The NFL For Almost A Decade
Dan Morgan Played In The NFL For Almost A Decade (Source: ESPN)

Dan Morgan, the new Carolina Panthers GM, was also a successful player in the league.

Playing his college football at the University of Miami, excellent performances earned him a first-round pick in 2001.

He played seven years for Carolina and was a practice squad member for the Saints in 2009. 

Following this, he moved into executive roles, with stints at the Seahawks and the Bills.

Currently, he is associated with the Panthers, where he has been appointed the new GM.

Dan Morgan Net Worth

To begin with, Dan was one of the most prominent players in the NFL in the 2000s decade.

For almost ten years, he made a name for himself as a linebacker with the Carolina Panthers.

Drafted in the first round in 2001, he was a prominent name in college football.

Subsequently, his first NFL contract spanned from 2001 to 2005. 

Dan Was Selected In The First Round Of The 2001 Draft
Dan Was Selected In The First Round Of The 2001 Draft (Source: NFL.com)

He signed a five-year deal worth $8.75 million, which included a $5.4 million signing bonus and over $1.5 million in add-ons.

Following this, he would sign a bumper contract in 2005. Signing a five-year extension worth about $28 million, Morgan was a key player for the Panthers.

The contract also came with a $6 million signing-on bonus. In addition, the deal included $3.5 million in incentives.

Following his stint with the Panther, Dan would sign as a practice squad member for the New Orleans Saints in 2009.

However, he could not make it to the main roster due to injuries, meaning he did not get a big contract.

His Executive Career

After playing, Dan moved into the managerial roles, starting as a scouting intern for the Seattle Seahawks.

He would assume various roles at the Seahawks and subsequently to the Buffalo Bills. Notably, his most significant executive role to date was as the assistant GM of the Panthers.

Naturally, NFL executive salaries and earnings are less lucrative than the players. However, it is still a noteworthy payout as compared to other sports.

As the new Panthers GM, his salary is expected to be around the $1 million to $3 million range.

This is a massive boost in comparison to what his salary would have been during his scouting and personnel management days.

Those figures can be estimated to be under $500,000. 

Overall, a prosperous career as a player and various roles on the executive ladder has propelled Dan’s net worth to around the $5 million mark.

More On His New Role

As amentioned the Carolina Panthers have appointed a legacy member of the franchise, Dan Morgan, as their new GM.

Spending seven seasons as a player in the 2000s and three as an assistant GM, he knows the ins and outs of the organization.

Dan Is The New GM Of The Panthers In 2024
Dan Is The New GM Of The Panthers In 2024 (Source: Yahoo Sports)

In the announcement, owner David Tepper described Dan as someone with a ‘clear vision’ of where he wants the franchise to go.

“Dan has a thorough knowledge of our football personnel and a clear vision to take us where we all want to go. We know he will attack this opportunity with the same intensity he did as a Panthers player.”

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