Scott Fitterer Net Worth & Salary 2024: Panthers Fired GM

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Scott Fitterer once worked for one of the richest owners of the NFL and now they have fired him. So what is his net worth now?

He might have been one of the highest paid GM in the NFL, as his successor in the Seahawks has already made the list. 

Scott Fitterer Standing At The Field On Media Day
Scott Fitterer Standing At The Field On Media Day (Source: UsEast)

Born on November 4, 1973, Scott Patrick Fitterer is a football executive who is well-versed in the game. 

Scott is a native of Seattle, Washington, and has always indulged in various sports. He has a legacy of being a two-sport player in college.

During his time at UCLA, he excelled in both baseball and football. Fitterer played three seasons as a pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sadly, he had to retire from the sport due to pressing shoulder injuries. Fitterer’s NFL management career began in 1998 as a part-time area scout for the New York Giants.

In 2001, the Seattle Seahawks recruited Fitterer as an area scout. Later, the Seahawk appointed Scott as co-director of player personnel.

His efforts bore fruit in 2020 after they elevated him to vice president of football operations.

On January 14, 2021, the Carolina Panthers’ named Fitterer their general manager.

Scott Fitterer Net Worth & Salary 2024

The net worth of Scott Fitterer is very difficult to find out as neither he nor the team have disclosed his salary.

Scott had signed a 5-year contract in 2021, which ended with him joining the Carolina Panthers from the Seahwks

However, if we compare his salary with other GMs of the NFL, his net worth can be estimated to be around $3.74 million and $6 million.

Why? You may ask, the Seattle Seahawks are paying their GM John Schneider a salary of $3.75 million.

Scott left the Seahawks in order to join the Panthers. Hence, he has joined the Panthers, likely because they gave him a better deal than the Seahawks.

Furthermore, the Panthers owner, David Tepper is one of the richest owners of the NFL currently.

Scott Fitterer Used To Make Good Money In The Panthers
Scott Fitterer Used To Make Good Money In The Panthers (Source: PanthersWire)

He has a net worth of around $20.6 billion and is also the 90th-richest person in the world.

Tepper would have paid a handsome sum to keep Scott aboard his team.

Despite the Panthers kicking him out prematurely from the team, Scott has significantly increased his net worth while engaging with Tepper.

The Panthers Have Fired Scott 

The Panthers fired general manager Scott Fitterer after three seasons, as owner David Tepper’s generosity ran out following the team’s poor 2-15 record in 2023.

During the Matt Rhule period, Fitterer, appointed as the general manager, encountered numerous hurdles.

These included firing head coach Frank Reich in Week 13 following a 1-10 record.

He also negotiated a high-stakes transaction to secure the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting Alabama quarterback Bryce Young.

However, the Panthers’ poor performance resulted in the NFL’s worst record, and they lost the first choice to the Chicago Bears.

Fitterer’s free-agent acquisitions, including Adam Thielen and DJ Chark, did not live up to expectations either.

The Panthers Have Fired GM Scott Fitterer
The Panthers Have Fired GM Scott Fitterer (Source: NFL)

Furthermore, his draft picks, particularly the 2023 class, produced inconsistent outcomes.

The Panthers fired Scott after he went 14-37 during his tenure due to coaching and quarterback problems.

Despite achieving some wins in free-agent signings, severe flaws marred Fitterer’s tenure, prompting Tepper to let him go.

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