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Dane Bird-Smith is a prominent sports figure in the world who belongs to Australia. Moreover, in Rio 2016, he won a Bronze medal in a 20km walk race in the last Olympics. 

Nevertheless, Dane bird  Smith has also participated in the IAAF World Athletics Championships in London.

Likewise, Dane finishes the race in IAAF in 1:19.28 and ends up being sixth in the competition.

Furthermore, Dane Bird-Smith has also been to Commonwealth champion in 2018.

Dean Bird Smith Bio Earning net worth family
Dane Bird-Smith Representing His Country Australia At Olympics

Interestingly, Dane won a gold medal through his exceptional performance in that event.

Nevertheless, Dane Bird-Smith has so far earned two gold medals and one bronze for his country.

Likewise, his very first gold medal came in 2015 at Gwangju. Moreover, this year, his fans and his country are hoping to see him win the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, talking about Dane Birds, he was born in Kippa-Ring, Australia, on 15 July 1992.

Notably, Dane Birds is the only Australian professional athlete who competes in a 20km race walk. The Australian native Dane’s coach is his own father.

Quick Facts

Full Name Dane Alex Bird-Smith
Birth Date 15 July 1992
Birth Place Kippa-Ring, Australia
Age 32 years old
Nickname Dane Smith
Religion Christina 
Nationality Australian
Education South Kippa University 
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name David Alex Bird
Mother’s Name Susan Smith
Siblings Not Known
Height 6’2″ (1.87m)
Weight 72 kg (159 lb)
Build Athletic
Shoe Size Not Available
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Marital Status Married
Spouse/Wife Name Katy Bird-Smith 
Children One Daughter
Profession Walking Racer
Net Worth  $2 million
Official Merch Running Gear
Awards and Achievements
  • Gold Medal – 2018 Gold Coat
  • Gold Medal – 2015 Gwangju
  • Bronze Medal – 2016 Rio De Janerio(Olympics)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update July, 2024

Dane Bird-Smith Salary And Earning

Being the milestone sportsman from Australia, Dane Bird earns quite a good fortune throughout his professional career.

Moreover, Dane is a national player of Australia; therefore, his estimated salary must be around $30,000 to $50,000. However, there is no authentic source to claim his exact figures of earnings.

Nevertheless, after winning the Bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics at Rio De Janerio, he earned $35,000.

Evidently, his paycheck increased with several bonuses and incentives from appearing at the Olympics.

In fact, by winning the gold medal at Gold Coat in 2018, he must have earned thousands of dollars in cash.

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Dane Bird-Smith Sponsorship and Endorsement Deals

Dane Bird-Smith has thousands of followers and fans around the globe. Therefore, it’s obvious that it is getting several sponsorship and endorsement deals.

Nevertheless, first on the list is sports nutrition company RevivesEnergy Drink. Moreover, by promoting their brands, Dane must be gaining income in the five-digit figures.

Likewise, Dane Birds also has thousands of dollars sponsorship contracts with a Swiss company known as Sponsor Sports Food Nordics.

Dave Bird Smith Endorsement and Sponsorship deals
Dane Bird-Smith Promoting Sponsor Sports Food Nordics

Evidently, Dane keeps promoting their product through his social media accounts. Last but not least, Dane’s most prominent endorsement deal is with Adidas.

Throughout the Olympics and his European games, Dane promotes Adidas shoes. Moreover, by doing that, Dane Bird-Smith must be earning checks in six-digit figures.

Who Is Dane Bird-Smith Wife?

The charming Australian walking racer is a married man as of 2021. Dave Bird Smith’s tied a knot with his long-time girlfriend, Katy.

However, the venue and date of Dane Birds Smith and Katy Smith’s marriage have not been publicly out yet.

Moreover, we can assure you that the married couple Dane and Katy are having a wonderful time together.

Dane Bird Smith Wife Katy Smith
Dane Bird-Smith and His Wife Katy In Their Marriage Ceremony

Nevertheless, they are not just married; they even have kids as of 2021. Additionally, it was 2020 when the lovely couple Dane and Katy welcomed their first child as a girl.

Dane Bird-Smith Career Overview

Dane Bird-Smith’s first-ever national victory took place in 2008. Nevertheless, at the time, he won the Australian youth title.

Moreover, after that, Dane Bird-Smith went for the Junior-level championship. Meanwhile, during the competition, he shows his phenomenal skill sets in the game.

Perhaps that’s the reason he also made his international debut, ranking eight at the 2009 World Youth Championships in Athletics.

Furthermore, in 2010 he took part in the road and track national junior champion. Interestingly, Dane made the Australian junior record at a 10,000-meter race, finishing the race in 41:32,36 minutes.

It was 2010 when Dane debuted in the IAAF world race walking cup; however, he was disqualified.

Moreover, his elimination was his lifting foot in the junior race, which is strictly prohibited during the game.

Dane Bird-Smith in Senior Competition

Dane’s professional career in a senior competition was initiated at the end of 2011 in Gran Premio Cantones de La Coruña.

Besides, Dane finishes his first senior race in the 13th position. Furthermore, in the same year, he also made his debut in the 20-kilometer race in December.

Nevertheless, he improves his performance in the 2012 IAAF World Circuit of Race Walking.

Dane Bird Smith Net Worth Bio Family Endorsement and Sponsorship
Dane Bird-Smith Winning Bronze For His Country

Moreover, during that time, Dane Bird finishes the race in a convincing 1:23:15 hours in Taicang.

Notably, although Dane’s game was improved but at the 2012 IAAF World Event, he finished 43rd position.

In 2013, Dane participated in Australia Athletics Championship in a 5,000-meter walk race. Interestingly, this time he made his first-ever historic victory. 

Early Victory Of Dane Bird-Smith

Meanwhile, during the competition, he finishes the 5000-meter race in  18:56.96 minutes- which is the third-best win in the world at that time.

Additionally, Dane was part of the Ocean Championships 20 kilometers walk race at Coppa Città di Sesto San Giovanni.

In that event, he finished the race in the top three, which was a milestone for him.

Furthermore, then after, he appeared in the La Coruña race, where he finished fourth overall.

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Dane Bird-Smith Promosing Wins

In the 20 km race in 2014, Bird-Smith made some rapid improvements. Moreover, Dane walked 1:21:01 in a walking race and secured 3rd position in Nomi, Ishikawa.

Likewise, following the year, Dane won his first Oceanian title in February 2014. Not just that,  Dane finally came to the IAAF World Race Walking Cup in 2014.

Moreover, in his first match, he accomplished the best lifetime of 1:20:27. 

Furthermore, after that, Dane seemed unstoppable, and he won the British Grand Prix of Race Walking.

Notably, after that game, Dane went to compete in the Australian 20km race walking title.

Interestingly he won that competition, and at the time, he ranked in the global top-25 for the year.

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Dane Birds Smith Family Details

Moreover, Dane’s father, David Bird, is also a well-known former athlete. Dane’s father, David, was a Walking Racer, and he had coached his son for a while. 

Nevertheless, Dane Bird Smith’s mother’s name is Susan Smith. Actually, Dane’s father married twice. But Dane is the son of David’s second marriage. 

Dane Birds Smith Social Media Activeness

We must say that Dane Bird-Smith is quite active on social media platforms. He has 4.6k followers on his Instagram account.

Moreover, he keeps updated about his personal life for his fans and followers through his Instagram account.

Nevertheless, Dane is also active on social media like Twitter. Dane’s got 1k followers on his Twitter account. Notably, he shares about his practice and upcoming games through his Twitter account.

Additionally, he has 1k followers on his Facebook page. And through Facebook, he often shares his achievements as well as personal affairs.

Achievements And Honors

  • First in 2011 Oceania Race Walking Championships- Junior level
  • First in 2014 Oceania Race Walking Championships- Senior level
  • In South Korea, Finisheh in First at Universiade
  • In Gold Coast, Australia, Finishes in First at Commonwealth Games


  • “On the road, it is one of those might is the right situation. If I see cars coming, I duck out of the way.”
  • “Every training session, I try to simulate the conditions similar to where I am racing.”
  • “I have been surrounded by the tracks all my life, and it’s possible because of my coach/father; he taught me in and out of the race walking and techniques.”


Is Dane Bird-Smith’s Coach is His Real Father?

As of 2021, yes. The coach of Dane Bird-Smith is his birth father, who taught Dane’s racing since childhood. 

What Is The Net Worth of Dane Bird-Smith?

Dane Bird-Smith is a well-known athlete from Australia, and as of 2021, his estimated net worth is $2 million. 

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