Daniel Dubois Girlfriend: Who Is The Boxer Dating?

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Daniel Dubois has no girlfriend, though some YouTube pages previously said he was dating a Brazilian woman. The English boxer hasn’t shared any photos that could hint he is currently dating someone.

Dubois is enjoying his free time in the Caribbean after having shut down the critics by beating Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller. After the victory, Daniel said his win over Miller at the “Day of Reckoning” event was part of his ‘redemption and recovery process.’

Daniel Dubois Pictured With His Former WBA Heavyweight "Regular" Belt
Daniel Dubois Pictured With His Former WBA Heavyweight “Regular” Belt (Source: Instagram)

The former WBA ‘Regular’ heavyweight titlist win against Miller came four months after he suffered a ninth-round knockout defeat to  WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight titlist Oleksandr Usyk in Wroclaw, Poland.

With the win, Daniel Dubois improved his record to 20-2, which includes 19 KOs. Dubois’ next fight hasn’t been scheduled, but WBO interim heavyweight champion Zhilei Zhang has said he fancies his chances against Dubois if they meet in 2024. 

Daniel Dubois Girlfriend: Who Is The Boxer Dating?

The British boxer Daniel Dubois doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend and isn’t seeing someone currently. But a few YouTube commentary pages started the rumors last year that Dubois was seeing a Brazilian woman named Raissa Taini.

The YouTube channel TYFL TV shared a few photos of Daniel with Raissa, and the snaps had the caption that read, “Me and my girl out for the day” and “Brazilian Queen.”

The photos used in the video seemed to come from Daniel’s Facebook page, but now, if we look at the boxer’s Facebook handle, those photos with that caption aren’t available.

There is a chance that Daniel has deleted those photos, but even in the video, the captions looked edited. On her Instagram page, Raissa hasn’t shared any pictures with Daniel, and it doesn’t look like Raissa has ever commented on any of Daniel’s posts.

The British Boxer Was Rumored To Be Dating A Brazilian Woman Named  Raissa Taini
The British Boxer Was Rumored To Be Dating A Brazilian Woman Named Raissa Taini (Source: Instagram)

Raissa is living in England and has a following of 112k on Instagram. She previously shared a picture of her wearing boxing gloves, which were shared at the same time the commentary videos about Dubois’s love life were made.

Raissa also has previously posted pictures of her family, including her kids. The Brazilian seems to have three kids, and she is raising them in Birmingham, England. 

Before his fight against Jarrell Miller, Daniel had shared a post with a mystery woman. A few fans have asked whether she is his girlfriend, but a few have said it could be a family member. 

Recently, Dubois was seen enjoying his much-needed vacation in the Caribbean. The boxer shared a photo of him on the beach but didn’t have a partner beside him. 

Daniel Dubois Athletic Family

Daniel Dubois is one of 11 kids of Dave Dubois. Dave had 11 kids with two women. His first four, including Daniel, came from one, and his other seven kids were with another woman.

The boxer is the oldest child of Dave Dubois, who made a fortune by selling posters in New York in the 80s. He operated in Camden Market Street and has been raising his 11 kids singlehandedly.

Dave has housed his kids in a large mansion in Essex, with an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and gym. In an interview with The Guardian, Dave said one of his ancestors was Sylvia Dubois.

She was an African-American slave in the 18th century who won herself freedom as a bare-knuckle fighter. Dave dreamed that Daniel would become a fighter, a future heavyweight champion.

Dubois Pictured With His Family, Including Dad, David, Sister, Caroline, And Brothers, Prince, And Solomon
Dubois Pictured With His Family, Including Dad, David, Sister, Caroline, And Brothers, Prince, And Solomon (Source: Twitter)

Daniel’s sister, Caroline Dubois, has already waves in the boxing world. Born on January 11, 2001, Caroline won gold in the Youth Olympics in 2018.

She started boxing at age nine and began training at Repton Amateur Boxing Club, the same place where Daniel trained. In 2017, she won her major title at the 2017 European Junior Championships.

And a year after winning the Youth Olympics, she won the 2019 European Youth Championships. Caroline made her professional boxing debut in 2022 against Vaida Masiokaita, which she won. 

She is currently 8-0 and has a knockout percentage of 62.5%. Daniel’s younger brother, Prince, has followed in his footsteps, and Dave believes the youngest of the four, Solomon, will also become a boxer.

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