Daniel Nelson Obituary: Chiefs’ Superfan Da Beard Died In Car Accident

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Daniel Nelson Obituary: Chiefs’ biggest fan, ‘Da Beard’ Daniel Nelson, sadly passed away in a car accident in Independence on Monday, December 11, 2023.

Today, we’ll delve into Nelson’s life details and unravel the unfortunate circumstances leading to his tragic car crash in Hazel Green on Charity Lane.

Stay with us until the end to uncover the entire inside story.

Chiefs' Superfan Daniel Nelson
Chiefs’ Superfan Daniel Nelson (Source: Facebook)

Daniel S. Nelson, affectionately known as “Da Beard,” was a vibrant soul at the heart of Kansas City, where the cheers of Chiefs fans echoed with passion.

At the age of 43, he topped the title of a Superfan, becoming a living embodiment of the Chiefs’ spirit.

His painted face and vibrant beard proudly matched the team colors, showcasing dedication in every shade.

Nelson wasn’t just a spectator; he actively immersed himself in the world of football fandom.

He transformed game days into joyful gatherings, embracing fellow fans with his trademark bear hug.

Therefore, this gesture captured the essence of the camaraderie that binds Chiefs supporters together.

Daniel Nelson Obituary: He Died In Car Accident

Unfortunately, Daniel from Huntsville died on Thursday morning when his car went into a pond near U.S. 231 and Charity Lane.

The 43-year-old was driving a Nissan Sentra, and the car left the road, hitting a mailbox and a ditch before ending up in the pond around 10:30 a.m. 

Sadly, Nelson did not survive the accident. Furthermore, the authorities also mentioned that he was not wearing a seatbelt.

The Chiefs Kingdom Grieves The Death Of Nelson

After Nelson tragically lost his life in a car accident in Independence early on Monday morning. Fans are expressing their grief on social media by sharing cherished memories with him.

Many are stunned because the Bills game seemed like a typical Sunday for those who joined Nelson at Arrowhead Stadium for tailgating before the match.

Despite being just 43, his passion for the Chiefs touched the lives of many across the country.

Arrowhead was like Nelson’s “happy place,” as described by Christopher Stone, who had been meeting up with him at Chiefs and Royals games for the past decade.

Nelson’s beard and face were always adorned in red or blue paint, making a distinctive statement.

Stone believes no game will be the same without Nelson, emphasizing the impact he had on lives in the parking lot and nationwide.

Chiefs Kingdom Mourns Daniel Nelson's Loss
Chiefs Kingdom Mourns Daniel Nelson’s Death (Source: Facebook)

Beyond his fan persona as Red Beard, Nelson was a dedicated father and electrician, admired for his hard work.

Stone admired his friend’s work ethic, noting his early mornings, organization, and dedication to his craft.

Nelson’s involvement with the Red Beard Outfit even led to publications about the team and participation in-game promotions.

Furthermore, Lynn Schmidt, who attended many tailgates and games with Nelson, highlighted his sociable nature, stating that once you knew him, you were his friend.

Nelson’s influence extended beyond Arrowhead Stadium, inspiring people like Lexi Farmer from New Jersey to become part of Chiefs Kingdom.

Farmer, touched by Nelson’s passion through his Red Beard posts on Instagram, emphasized how he embodied the spirit of Chiefs Kingdom by uplifting fellow fans.

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