Kansas City Aspen Vaughn: Jackson Mahomes Accuser Out Of Business

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Aspen Vaughn, the owner of Aspens Restaurant and Lounge, has been forced to permanently close her establishment.

The eatery outside Kansas City fell victim to a swift and devastating decline in sales following the allegations against Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of football sensation Patrick Mahomes.

The distressing incident took place last February when Aspen Vaughn came forward, accusing Jackson Mahomes of attempting to forcibly kiss her and even grabbing her by the throat within the confines of her own restaurant.

Her speaking out against a well-known figure brought attention to an important issue, but unfortunately, it also exposed her to a barrage of threats and harassment.

As news of the accusations spread, Aspen’s business suffered immensely, experiencing an alarming 75 percent decline in sales.

Jackson Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes (Source: New York Post)

But the horrors did not end there. Suspicions arose that someone intentionally sabotaged the restaurant, further compounding the hardships Aspen had to endure.

The restaurant’s air conditioning connections were tampered with, natural gas lines were damaged, and water damage occurred after the fire alarm was maliciously pulled.

Stephanie Lopez, an administrative employee of the restaurant, expressed the sorrow they felt. “We were so close to making it, and then this whole thing happened,” she mournfully shared with the Kansas City Star.

For Aspen, the toll went beyond financial losses.

Her very sense of safety was shattered as she found herself under attack from anonymous individuals, pushing her to question why victims of such incidents often choose not to come forward.

Kansas City Aspen Vaughn: Jackson Mahomes Accuser

In May, Jackson Mahomes, aged 23, faced legal troubles as he was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery in connection with an incident.

His attorney denied any wrongdoing, asserting that their investigation had unearthed substantial evidence refuting the claims made by Jackson’s accuser.

Aspen And Jackson
Aspen And Jackson (Source: TMZ)

The attorney also mentioned that they had cooperated with law enforcement, providing the results of their investigation to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the matter.

During OTAs in May, Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback, and Jackson’s brother, chose not to discuss the specifics of his brother’s legal situation, considering it a personal matter that he preferred to keep private from the media and the public.

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