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American Football is indeed an interesting and popular sport. The players, the game-play is essential for the smooth flow of the whole sport. But, what is important is the role of the coach.

This article will be writing about the well-known coach, Dante Scarnecchia, a retired American football offensive line coach and assistant head coach.

The coach has the longest coaching tenure in Patriots history. In his long NFL career, he worked at the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

Dante Scarnecchia Retire
Dante Scarnecchia is a retired American football coach

Scarnecchia spent the majority of his career, 34 years to be exact, with the New England Patriots.

Likewise, he retired in 2013 but then served as the Patriots offensive line coach again from 2016. He has won the Super Bowl LI and XXXIII with the team in 2017 and 2019.

In addition to Super Bowl LI and XXXIII, he has also won 3 other Super Bowls, XXXVI, XXXVIII & XXXIX.

For those curious, we will be covering topics on his wife, his career as a coach, children, social media, and also net worth. 

Before heading towards the details, here is a quick table of facts. 

Quick Facts:

Full Name Dante Scarnecchia
Birth Date February 14, 1948
Age 76 years old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality American
Education Taft Junior College, Taft, California
California Western University
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name N.A.
Mother’s Name N.A.
Siblings N.A.
Height 5’8″/173 cm/1.73 m
Weight N.A.
Profession Retired football offensive line coach, retired assistant head coach
Debut 1970
Net Worth $8 million
Married Yes
Wife Susan Scarnecchia
Children Steve Scarnecchia, Lisa Scarnecchia
Salary N.A.
Social Media N.A.
Patriots’ Merch  Jersey, Sweater, Autograph, Football Card
Last Update June, 2024

Dante Scarnecchia | Early Life, Family, and Education

Now retired, Dante Scarnecchia was born on February 14, 1948, in the lovely city of Los Angeles, California. This year in 2024, the coach turned 76 years old. 

As you have noticed, his birthday falls under an extraordinary day. Yes, it is Saint Valentine’s day, also known as the ‘lover’s day. His star sign is Aquarius. 

The Californians hardly share any information with the media. Thus, we are not able to know much about his parents, siblings, or friends. 


However, we do know about his educational background. Dante attended Taft Junior College in his hometown Taft, California. Later, he then transferred to California Western University in 1966.

From his college days, Scarnecchia shared a passion for football. At California Western, he played college football as an offensive lineman. 

His love for sports made him choose a relative subject, resulting in him graduating with a degree in physical education.

Around the time he graduated from college, Scarnecchia also served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve as a sergeant.

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Danet Scarnecchia | Age, Height & Body Measurements 

You must be wondering how much the man in his 70s weighs and how tall is he, right? Well, we are here to quench your curiosity. 

Because Scarnecchia is a coach and not an athlete, his exact body measurements are difficult to find.

Although it is known that he is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm (1.73 m) tall, unfortunately, his weight is not available on any of the sources.

Despite being in his middle adulthood phase, Dante still has a fit physique. He is a disciplined man who takes great care of his health. After all, he has coached footballers! 

Dante’s hair color is white about his appearance, and his eyes are light green in color. 

Dante Scarnecchia | Career

The American coach loved football and was a keen player as well. However, he chose coaching to being a player. 

Likewise, Scarnecchia began his coaching career in 1970. His first work was as the offensive line coach for the California Western University

The following year, in 1973, he started working at Iowa State University. There, he was the assistant offensive line and assistant defensive backfield coach. He worked at the University until 1974.

In 1980, he returned to Southern Methodist as offensive line coach. He spent two seasons at the University. Dante then moved to the Patriots along with head coach Ron Meyers.


Joining the Patriots in 1982, Scarnecchia started working as a special team and tight end coach.

He then worked with Meyer again at Indianapolis Colts. His work at the Colts from 1989 to 1990 was as the offensive line coach.

Afterward, he made a return to the Patriots in 1991. He was their special teams and offensive line coach for two seasons, working under Dick MacPherson.

When MacPherson was out with illness for the last eight games of the season, Dante served as the head coach.

New head coach Bill Parcels came around in 1993, and Scarnecchia served as a special assistant again. This lasted until 1994.

Similarly, Dante was then assigned a new role as a defensive assistant. Under new head coach Pete Carroll, Dante coached the special teams again.

Scarnecchia was then reassigned to offensive line coach. Afterward, in 2000, he became the team’s assistant head coach under new head coach Bill Belichik.

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In 2013, NFL’s longest-tenured coach retired. Dante had been a coach for exactly 36 seasons. In an interview, Patriots coach Bill Belichick shared a few words for Dante. 

“It was a privilege to coach with Dante for so long. I knew that long before his initial retirement and throughout a second act of continued excellence. Dante is among the very best assistant coaches ever.” he said. 

Even though he had retired, Scarnechia was still involved with the Patriots. He had private workouts with a couple of offensive linemen in 2014.

Making a return in 2016 as the offensive line coach, he won the Super Bowl LI with the Patriots in 2017. 

Dante Scarnecchia | Achievements and Titles 

Scarnechia is regarded as the most decorated coach in the American football leagues. His contribution towards his team is highly respected by all.

Also, it is the team’s marvelous performance, and Dante’s hard work is that made the Patriot win. 

Below are some of the titles that he achieved. 

  1. Sports Illustrated’s Assistant Coach of the Year( 2007)
  2. Winner of Pro Football Writers of America’s Dr. Z Award for lifetime achievement ( 2015) 

Dante Scarnecchia | Relationships, Wife, and Children

A now-retired American coach is a married man and a father of two. He may be a tough figure on the field, but he is a sweetheart with his family. 

For those unknown, Scarnecchia is married to Susas Scarnecchia. The beautiful couple has been married for a long time, and they have two children together.

Likewise, they have a daughter, Susan Scarnecchia, and a son, Steve Scarnecchia. Dante’s son Steve is the assistant to Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn.

When the father and the son came face to face in a match, Susan was asked who she would be supporting. She responded by saying she is neutral and would be happy if either of them won.

Dante Scarnecchia | Net Worth

Most of Scarnecchia’s income came from his days in the National Football League.

Moreover, he also earned it during his days as a college coach. Now, his son Steve is also earning a good amount at the Atlanta Falcons.

Coaches do not earn a lot like athletes through endorsements. However, we can definitely expect Dante to have earned a little through endorsing, given his long tenure in the NFL. 

As of recently, Dante Scarnecchia’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. We can’t expect this amount to grow significantly in the next few years because he is now retired.

However, maybe Dante will earn some good money from some business ventures now that his NFL duties are over.

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Social Media Presence:

At 76 years of age, Scarnecchia was certainly born far away from the social media and the internet generation.

When everyone is available on the Internet, Dante likes it low-key and old school and stays away from social media. He does not have a social media handle.

However, we can expect his children or his wife to keep him up to date with what is going on worldwide, as social media is such an essential part of our lives now.

Some FAQs:

Is Dante Scarnecchia good?

Dante Scarnecchia is widely regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches of all time.

How many Super Bowl rings does Dante Scarnecchia have?

Dante Scarnecchia has won six super bowl rings to date.

Is Dante Scarnecchia a Hall of Famer?

Dante Scarnecchia is not induced to any hall of fame to date.

How much is Dante Scarnecchia’s salary?

On an average, NFL coaches are paid $30,000- $40,000 dollars. However, the salary may vary from the teams plus endorsements as well. 

According to online sources, Dante’s salary was approximately about $40,000- $50,000. Unfortunately, this number cannot be very exact as his contract and income details are not disclosed.

What does his son, Steven do for a living? 

Just as we thought it was the end of the Scarnecchia’s household coaching, his son surprised us.

You guessed it right, Dante’s son Steven is an associate coach at Atlanta Falcons. He works under the head coach Dan Quinn.

Likewise, Steven used to coordinate the team meetings and practice schedules to maintain the football calendar, budget, and staff events. 

Did Dante Scarnecchia retire?

Yes, Dante Scarnecchia retired after the 2019 season. He retired after spending 36 years in the NFL in which he spent 34 of those seasons with the New England Patriots.

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