Darby Allin Dad: Is He Related To Sting? Relationship Explained

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Due to their frequent appearances together on AEW, many wrestling fans think the legendary wrestler Sting is the dad of Darby Allin.

Furthermore, the two wrestlers share many things in common and have a striking resemblance in their wrestling characters.

AEW Wrestler Darby Allin
AEW Wrestler Darby Allin (Source: Wrestling News)

Darby Allin is an American professional wrestler who has been part of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since April 2019.

During his tenure, he has secured the title of a two-time AEW TNT Champion and once held the AEW World Tag Team Championship alongside Sting.

Additionally, he is recognized for his contributions to World Wrestling Network promotions, particularly in his appearances for Evolve.

Who Is Darby Allin Dad?

Firstly, the speculation regarding Sting being the father of Darby Allin is false. This stems from their similar wrestling gimmick and shared resemblance while performing their craft.

Speaking of Darby’s actual father, he has revealed information regarding his name and personal details.

However, he has shared some posts about him on his social media. Regarding the pieces of information, it’s known that he holds American nationality and is likely around 60 years old.

On his Instagram account, there’s a solitary image and video featuring his father participating in wrestling moves alongside the wrestler Big Bad Brody King.

Darby Shared This Picture Of His Dad Getting Slammed On Thumbtacks
Darby Shared This Picture Of His Dad Getting Slammed On Thumbtacks (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Darby shares an image of his father alongside Brody King, enduring punches while wishing him for Father’s Day.

The image may imply that, much like Darby himself, his father was involved in professional wrestling.

Moreover, the dynamic nature of the shot and the evident engagement in wrestling maneuvers suggest a shared passion for the sport between Darby and his father.

To summarize, the speculation suggesting Sting is the father of Darby Allin is wrong. Moreover, Darby has shared some pictures of his father, although staying away from revealing personal details.

Sting Is The Mentor Of Allin

After Sting debuted on AEW, fans always hoped to see a storyline involving him and Darby Allin.

Due to his facepaint and mysterious nature, newer wrestling fans have likened Darby Allin to continue the legacy of the legendary Sting.

Subsequently, the two formed a formidable tag team in the AEW promotion. Moreover, Sting became a source of inspiration and mentor to Darby.

Sting And Darby Allin Formed A Formidable Tag Team In AEW
Sting And Darby Allin Formed A Formidable Tag Team In AEW (Source: Yahoo)

Additionally, Darby has revealed in a past interview how Sting and he share similarities that go beyond just the face paint.

“He’s the guy I hang out with backstage. His dressing room, he’s got his own little private dressing room and he says it’s mine. So, it’s just me and him chilling and talking about a bunch of stuff. He’s cool, we’ve got a lot more in common than people think – goes beyond the face paint! He likes to be put to work, he wants to be part of the show.”

Consequently, their run as a tag team in AEW was successful. It was a sweet chapter to end the iconic wrestling career of Sting.

Subsequently, Sting concluded his legendary professional wrestling career with a victory alongside Darby Allin at AEW Revolution. The duo successfully defended the AEW World Tag Team Championships by defeating The Young Bucks in the final match.

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