Dariq Whitehead Brother Tahir Whitehead Is A Former Football Linebacker

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Dariq Whitehead’s brother, Tahir Whitehead, is a former Detroit Lions linebacker, making his debut in 2012. The NBA prospect has three other siblings and is the second youngest. 

The 18-year-old basketball player from Newark, New Jersey, was raised by a single mother and his three older siblings. One of his older brothers, Tahir, is a former NFL player, and his oldest brother was said to be a freak of nature.

Dariq Whitehead Pictured In His Duke University Gear Earlier This Year In February
Dariq Whitehead Pictured In His Duke University Gear Earlier This Year In February (Source: Instagram)

His two older brothers took different routes in their lives, teaching Dariq a big lesson and not to repeat the same mistakes. He also has an older sister, Janavia, and a younger brother, Asher.

The projected first-round pick, Dariq, will stand alongside Victor Wembanyama and Brandon Miller at the 2023 NBA Draft ceremony. He recently underwent second foot surgery and is expected to recover fully before the NBA training camp. 

Dariq Whitehead Brother, Tahir Whitehead

Dariq Whitehead’s brother, Tahir Whitehead, is one of three elder siblings of the future NBA star.

Tahir is 14 years older than his little brother, born on April 2, 1990. A Temple University graduate, Tahir was the fifth-round pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. 

He was signed by the Detroit Lions and played six seasons before moving to Oakland Raiders (now Las Vegas Raiders). Tahir signed with Carolina Panthers in 2020 and was signed to the off-season team of the Arizona Cardinals. 

Last year, Tahir signed a one-day contract with the Lions to officially retire. 

Tahir Whitehead Pictured With His Wife Shannon And Their Four Kids For Christmas 2022
Tahir Whitehead Pictured With His Wife Shannon And Their Four Kids For Christmas 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The former NFL player is married to his high school sweetheart, Shannon, and shares four boys with her. The couple had already married in 2013 but decided to tie the knot once again in 2018 in a grand manner.

Tahir and Shannon had two of their sons be the ring bearers for the ceremony, with their third child still a bit young. They experienced parenthood for the fourth time in 2020 after the birth of their son, Truce.

Shannon is available on Instagram with the username @shannwhitehead and has a sizeable following of nearly 40k. The brunette has shared several family photos and stunning pictures with her husband, with their latest trip being to Tanzania. 

Dariq Whitehead Eldest Brother, Quaheem, Was A Star Player In Making 

If it weren’t for the injuries Quaheem Whitehead would have also made it big-time in the NFL. But one injury changed his career path.

Quaheem was a father figure to his brothers and was the one to motivate Tahir to play football. And though he returned from injury, Quaheem never really returned to his older self on the field.

Though Quaheem received a scholarship froDelawarere State, he decided to drop out. But the street life caught Quaheem. He has previously been arrested for weapons and drug charges. 

In an interview in 2013, Quaheem talked about how different his life was from his little brother, Tahir. A man who always protected his brother, Quaheem continued to live in Newark when his brother was living in the suburb of Detroit. 

Dariq Whitehead, And His Mom, Quadira Whitehead 

Dariq Whitehead was raised in Newark, New Jersey, singlehandedly by his mother. Quadira Whitehead had her first three kids when she was only a teenager.

Quaheem, Tahir, and Janavia later helped Quadira raise her two other kids. In an interview with Ebony, Quadira first became pregnant at just 14, then at 16, and then at 18. 

The odds were stacked against her kids to go out and achieve big in their lives, but Tahir still made it to the NFL, and now Dariq looks set to play in the NBA.

Quadira Whitehead Pictured In 2018 And Dariq Pictured In 2022 Showing Off His Four Rings
Quadira Whitehead, Pictured In 2018, And Dariq Pictured, In 2022, Showing Off His Four Rings (Source: Instagram)

In her interview, Quadira said it’s important as a parent to strike the right balance between understanding their wants. She taught her kids to face every adversity with a smile on their faces and pushed them to achieve their dreams. 

Previously, Quadira worked as a teacher’s aide with underprivileged kids and had to rely on the government’s assistance to feed her kids. The Whitehead family has certainly come far from those humble days. 

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