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Davante Adams’ brother Doug Adams is nine years old than him. Along with sharing an interest in music and fashion, Doug is also a skilled barber. 

The Raiders wide receiver, Davante Adams, is not the only athlete in his family. His twin sisters, Destiny and D’aishanae, played basketball during high school. The twins are time and again seen at their brothers’ games. 

The former Packers player, Adams, didn’t have the best of childhood. Growing up in a crime-ridden area, he even had to save his sisters from the line of fire. 

Davante Adams Is Unveiled As A Raiders' Player For The First Time Last Year In March 2022
Davante Adams Is Unveiled As A Raiders’ Player For The First Time Last Year In March 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, when he joined Las Vegas Raiders, he linked up with his college teammate Derek Carr and became the highest-paid wide receiver at the time of signing. 

In a recent interview with The Ringer, Davante talked about how he destroyed the narrative of Aaron Rodgers being the reason for his success. The wide receiver respects the future Hall of Famer but stated he deserves his praises. 

Davante Adams Brother, Doug Adams Jr

Davante Adams’ brother, Doug Adams Jr, is a rapper and singer who also calls himself a fashion expert. 

Doug Adams Jr was born on January 10, 1983, and is the older brother to Davante. Along with working in the music industry, Doug works as a barber in the San Francisco barber shop FRESHbyFresh Urban. 

Davante Adams' Brother Doug James Jr Seen Rocking The Pittsburgh Pirates' Gear As He Celebrates His Birthday
Davante Adams’ Brother Doug Adams Jr Seen Rocking The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Gear As He Celebrates His Birthday (Source: Instagram)

On his Instagram, Doug Adams Jr has shared a few of the works he does for his clients. On February 15, he shared a post giving a fresh trim to one of his clients on Valentine’s Day. 

Davante and Doug Adams might be half-brothers. As in many of his posts, Doug has given tribute to a different woman on Mother’s Day and has stated that she passed away in 2019. 

Davante Adams Sisters, Destiny And D’aishanae

Davante Adams’ sisters, Destiny and D’aishanae, are students at Louisiana State University. 

Destiny and D’aishanae are twins and graduated from Oakland High School in 2021. The girls will be turning 20 this year in June. 

In 2017, Davante shared an appreciation post for his twin sisters on his Instagram after he went to meet them at their high school for their basketball match. 

He also shared an appreciation post for his sisters in 2014, calling them the best 11-year-old hoopers in California. In an interview in 2019, Davante recalled the moment he saved the lives of his twin sisters. 

Davante Adams' Sister D'aishanae Shares A Cute Selfie On Her Instagram Handle
Davante Adams’ Sister D’aishanae Shares A Cute Selfie On Her Instagram Handle (Source: Instagram)

Speaking to the NFL, Adams said when he was 14, his sisters were trapped in the middle of a shooting that took place in their neighborhood.

Seeing the scene unfold from his window, Davante made a quick dash to grab his sisters and bring them safely into their house. 

His two sisters, Destiny and D’aishanae, are available on Instagram with the username @destinylayla_ and @daishanaaeee.

Earlier this year, in January, the girls attended their brothers’ match at Allegiant Stadium, with D’aishanae captioning the post, “Saturdays are for football too.”

Davante Adams’ Parents, Doug Adams, And Pamela Brown 

Davante Adams’ parents, Doug Adams and Pamela Brown, went their separate ways when Davante was two. 

The couple might have separated, but they continued to have an amicable relationship raising their son together. When he was five, the wide receiver started shuffling from one parent’s house to another. 

But all in all, the footballer shared a tight-knit relationship with his mom, Pamela. His mom worked tirelessly to provide for the family.

Davante Adams Pictured With His Mom Pamela Brown On His Wedding Day In 2018
Davante Adams Pictured With His Mom, Pamela Brown, On His Wedding Day In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

Brown worked two jobs; one of them was braiding hair at night. The other job was at a software company, Synopsys, as a site manager. 

When Davante would request his mom to help her financially, Pamela would refuse and say he had to keep his focus on academics or sports.

In 2014, right after being drafted by the Packers in the second round, Adams gifted his mom a BMW as a birthday gift. After years of struggle, the mother-son duo finally started reaping the rewards of their hard work.

His father, Doug Adams, is available on Instagram and often shares videos and pictures of him attending his son’s games. 

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