Dave Heeke Salary & Net Worth Before Being Fired By Arizona

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In his seven-year association with the University of Arizona, Dave Heeke collected a significant salary, boosting his overall net worth.

The Arizona athletic director has been dismissed due to alleged mishandling of finances and operations. 

However, in his seven-year stint with the University, he was highly respected and earned significant fame and fortune.

Dave Heeke Spent 7 Years At Arizona
Dave Heeke Spent 7 Years At Arizona (Source: X)

Dave Heeke, an American sports administrator, has had a long career in the executive seats at various colleges.

He graduated from Albion College with a degree in Economics. Later, he earned a master’s in Sports Administration from The Ohio State University.

He participated in three sports at East Lansing High School and was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award by the East Lansing Educational Foundation in 2007.

Additionally, he played hockey in college and was the baseball team captain.

Dave Heeke Salary & Net Worth

Dave signed two significant contracts in Arizona before being shown the door in January 2024.

He signed his first contract in 2017 after being appointed the Arizona Wildcats’ athletic director.

In his first contract, he received a base salary of $500,000 plus incentives that involved the overall progress of Arizona sports.

The five-year contract also included salary increases, with the second-year salary rising to $575,000 and the third year to $650,000.

On top of his salary and add-ons, Heeke was granted a signing bonus of $75,000 and is eligible for up to $35,000 in relocation expenses.

Heeke Also Had Stints At Oregon And Michigan
Heeke Also Had Stints At Oregon And Michigan (Source: AllSides)

All in all, his first deal with the Wildcats was lucrative. Following this, he received a new contract in 2022.

Subsequently, he got a significant pay rise, making his base salary $875,000.

Additionally, he was granted a yearly retention bonus of $100,000, resulting in a total compensation of almost $1 million.

This was the last contract he would sign at Arizona, as he got fired in 2024.

However, he collected substantial earnings during his stay with the organization, illustrated by his contracts.

His Overall Net Worth

Although his salary in Arizona contributes to a significant fragment of his net worth, he has worked with other organizations previously.

Boasting a diverse resume, he was in executive positions at the University of Oregon and Central Michigan.

Furthermore, he has nearly 30 years of experience in the sports management field. 

Overall, his net worth can be estimated to be around the $2 million mark.

It will be interesting to see where Heeke goes next.

Although his Arizona stint came to a sour end, his vast experience in the executive field will appeal to many sports organizations.

More On His Arizona Firing

As aforementioned, Dave Heeke was removed from his athletic director role at the University of Arizona in early 2024.

He was dismissed due to alleged mishandling of finances, leading to a reported financial crisis in the athletic department.

Heeke Was Fired By Arizona In Early 2024
Heeke Was Fired By Arizona In Early 2024 (Source: The Arizona Daily Star)

Subsequently, the University of Arizona President Robert Robbins issued an official statement regarding the decision to terminate Heeke’s contract.

“I want to thank Dave for his outstanding efforts in leading our athletics program through a period of significant change. Dave always displayed the highest integrity, and I am appreciative of his partnership and dedication.”

The message was heart-warming, and one can get an insight into Dave’s moral character.

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