David Benavidez Parents: Mother Michelle And Father Jose Benavidez Sr

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Fans are curious to know more about the parents of David Benavidez and his humble beginnings.

His parents have been the pillar of support for him and have been through his thick and thin.

David Benavidez Showing Off His WBC Belt
David Benavidez Showing Off His WBC Belt (Source: Instagram)

Anthony David Benavidez was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 17, 1996. He is an American professional boxer.

He is a two-time WBC super middleweight champion, winning the title in 2017 and again in 2019.

Benavidez is the youngest super middleweight title winner in history, having won his first title at the age of 21 years, eight months, three weeks, and one day.

He is ranked second by The Ring, second by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and fourth by BoxRec.

Benavidez started boxing at the early age of three, and he was only 16 when he turned pro.

He took his undefeated amateur record of 15–0 to his professional debut to continue winning it with a knockout.  

Benavidez defeated Ronald Gavril via split decision on September 8, 2017, to become the world’s youngest super middleweight champion at the age of 20.

Benavidez withstood a knockdown in the final round, rising to finish a bout that was named Bout of the Year.

Who Are David Benavidez Parents Michelle And Jose Benavidez Sr?

David was born in the United States, but his parents come from mixed backgrounds. His father is Mexican, and his mother is Ecuadorian-Dominican.

David claims that his father taught him everything he knows today about boxing.

Despite his father’s unfortunate story, he has raised a champion, which counts for a happy ending.

When he was two, his parents divorced, which led his father to abandon the family. Then, his mother fled for the United States, leaving him with her grandmother.

Since his grandmother was in her late 80s and too feeble, he claims that he raised himself. 

He claims his mother called him to California when he was 11 years old. Shortly after, his stepfather kicked him out.

After grade eight, he dropped out of school and started running in gangs and dealing drugs.

David Benavidez With His Parents And Brother
David Benavidez With His Parents And Brother (Source: Twitter)

David’s father’s life turned around after he gave birth to his eldest brother. He would be the first of four of his children. 

Moreover, David’s mother, Michelle, was the love of his father’s life, and Jose left the world of crime because of her.

Jose Sr, then a teenager, went to Arizona with his family and landed a job at the Ritz-Carlton, working his way up from dishwasher to banquet captain over the next 15 years. 

He would buy a house, settle down with his children, and become a boxing trainer.

Jose taught his children different sports, but they all gravitated towards boxing, the sport in which David has flourished.

Benavidez Tests Positive For Drugs 

In 2018, David tested positive for a banned substance. They discovered the key ingredient present in cocaine, benzoylecgonine, in Benavidez’s bloodstream.

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association conducted a random doping test in August of that year.

David Benavidez Looking Healthy And Fit In His Home
David Benavidez Looking Healthy And Fit In His Home (Source: Instagram)

But he went on to “realize his mistake” and apologized via a tweet, saying that he was embarrassed. 

Sampson Lewkowicz, his promoter, said that giving him credit for accepting his mistake is warranted.

He said that he could assist and guide the young boxer. He learned a lesson and was mature enough to own his error.

It was a very shameful act on the boxer’s part, but he has been coming back only stronger after that.

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