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Dematrius Davis is a young American Football player. He is from Houston and has played the quarterback position for years.

Further, Davis has had an inspiring journey to the top. He led north Shore Mustangs to an 11-0 record in 2020. Besides, he is a fresh talent in the American Football scene.

Since then, his commanding presence on the field has pushed him to the top of his division. As a result, he was awarded “The Sophomore of the year,” according to MaxPreps.

Dematrius Davis training
Dematrius Davis

Likewise, according to ESPN, he was the No. 4 dual-threat recruit in the nation.

Also, Rivals and 24/7 ranked him in the top 12 quarterback players list. Hence, he is a top prospect from Texas, breaking into the major leagues.

In this article, you will find more information about the player. So, let’s dig deeper into Davis’s early life, career, height, weight, and other information.

Also, here are some quick facts about the player before we head any further into the details.

Quick Facts

Name Dematrius Davis
Nickname “Lil Dee”
Birthdate October 27, 2002
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Gender Male
Parents Dematrius Davis Sr.
Tiffany Davis
Age 21 years old
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Nationality American
Body type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Height 5’11” (180cm)
Weight 200 lb (90 kg)
Class Freshman
Profession Football Player
Position Quarterback
Teams North Shore Mustangs
Auburn Tigers
Jersey Number #4
MLB Debut August 21, 2020
Relationship status Single
Social Media Twitter
Auburn Tigers’ Merch  Jersey, Hats, Signed Items
Last Update April, 2024

Dematrius Davis | Early Life and Background

On October 27, 2002, Dematrius Davis was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. He is the son of American parents, Dematrius Davis Sr. and Tiffany Davis.

However, there is not much information about his parents’ personal lives and childhood. Similarly, his source of inspiration for picking up football isn’t clear.

Yet, Davis was interested in football from an early age. He recalled his background naturally pushed his interest in football. His family was diehard fans of War Eagle and Roll Tide.

Thus, he would often watch the games with his family members. Also, he would sit on vast local grounds, watching the game that he hoped to one day dominate.

Therefore, he started playing sports at the early age of six. However, he always preferred to play with older children.

Hence, Davis and his friends were regularly playing football or athletics. This hobby served as training for her indirectly. Likewise, he remained modest as a result of this.

Consequently, when he was 10, he started getting good at the game. After that, his father had to step him up because he dominated the Humble Area Football League.

Additionally, he discovered that he was good at it and had a good time doing it.

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Dematrius Davis | Career

Early Steps

Davis had played some early football with the local teams. But he was too good for them. Therefore, his father tried to explore a few spring leagues. These leagues were more challenging.

Eventually, Davis started playing in the spring league. He played games against Dallas Lions, who were the toughest and biggest.

But they were the boys Davis had known for a long time because he spent his childhood playing against them.

Yet, the competition was fierce. Similarly, there would be big plays and triple-overtime games against them. Throughout, Davis realized she needed further training to be better at the game.

Consequently, he showed impressive results in the league. So, he got his first-ever career offer. Baylor approached Davis Jr. at a one-day camp before starting high school to join them.

However, he had already decided to join North Shore. He wanted to grow under Jon Kay, the North Shore Coach.

North Shore Senior High School

Davis started his further education at North Shore Senior High School. Also, this was where he would receive professional training for the first time and were famously known as “The Mustangs.”

Continuing to develop his mechanics was his main priority throughout his first season in 2017.

Davis worked hard with his teammates in training. But it was evident that he was a special football player.

Dematrius Davis
Dematrius Davis is playing for North Shore High School’s team.

Eventually, the coaches talked with his teammates and the coaching staff. Even at the freshman level, he was impressive and efficient. Therefore, everyone wanted him to develop into a leader.

Consequently, he was started in their first-round playoff game against Deer Park. It was his debut game for the Mustangs. Regardless, he quickly picked up on offense.

Later in the season, he was promoted to the major team. Also, Davis and his team reached the Regional Finals.

Character Development

The 2017 season ended with a hard loss to Katy in the finals. Hence, the Mustangs started preparing early before the season even began.

The training included North Shore vs. North Shore football every day in the stadium. The Quarterbacks of the team would go through intense drills. Also, there were no quick whistles.

Often, Davis would be wrapped in ice after training. Naturally, therefore, he earned a lot of respect from his teammates.

However, Davis wasn’t a junior when the state games were held. He had gone through a shift in character.

Not to mention, Davis remained calm and collected even in the most challenging moments. Consequently, he learned that no problem is too large for him. 

Play of his college career

At a glance, Duncanville was the favorite to win the tournament. However, the Mustangs had a strong defense and great running backs.

Further, it was made stronger by Davis playing at the center.

Davis rose to the occasion. He threw a 45-yard pass to AJ Carter on the season’s final play to beat Duncanville 41-36. Everyone in the crowd at the AT&T Stadium was stunned.

Hence, this pass was the most legendary play anyone had seen. Likewise, Davis completed stats like 71.6 percent of his passes with 3,350 yards and 49 touchdowns. 

Furthermore, against Duncanville, he set a state record with five touchdown passes. Also, Davis and Shadrach Banks connected for an 80-yard touchdown in the finals.

Additionally, it was the longest throw-and-catch in a championship game in Class 6A.

Despite being 16 years old, he had a 23-1 record as a starter. This stat included a 16-0 record in the 2018 season.

Consequently, he was named “2018 AGH Offensive Player of the Year.” Thus, the 2018 season solidified his legacy.

Back-to-Back Wins

The season of 2018 was something that every player desired. Many people dream of going to the state, and many more goals of winning the state. Davis was successful in achieving both.

The compliments poured in for the senior, who was focused on the next season. North Shore returned to train for 2019 after winning the State Championship.

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As a result, the Mustangs lost their first game in Week 1 against Katy. This loss was the wake-up call he needed. Thus, he realized the need to improve his form and training after losing.

Despite starting slow, Davis carried the load with a strong attitude. Consequently, the Mustangs were in the final of the State Championship again.

Yet, the Mustangs had problems before the game started. The running back of North Shore was banned from playing in the finals.

Further, it was announced a few hours before the finals. He had violated principal team rules.

Despite the challenges, the Mustangs played exceptionally well. They defeated Duncanville 31-17 to secure the Class 6A Division I state championship for the second time.

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Dematrius Davis | Signing Day

Davis had played quarterback for North Shore for four years. Also, he had guided the Mustangs to four straight playoffs.

He was key in winning their third and fourth state championships in two years. As a result, he started getting offers from highly rated teams.

Firstly, Davis decided to join Virginia Tech in late November. Yet, Chad Morris from Auburn made Davis his top priority.

The Auburn Tigers kept up the pressure all spring. Likewise, the team formed a close bond with Davis’s family.

Eventually, Davis agreed to pull out of his commitment to Virginia Tech. And he decided to make it official with the Tigers a week and a half later.

Davis has been rated four stars with a 5.8 in the 2021 Auburn Football Commitment List.

Is Dematrius Davis Married? | Know About His Marital Status

According to several sources, Davis isn’t married or in any relationship with anyone. It’s hard to believe the athlete is single because he has a warm personality.

Many of Davis’s teammates, on the other hand, believe he is secretly dating. However, he has avoided public appearances with his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, the athlete has made no indications about his possible relationship.

Besides, Davis has a bright future in Major Leagues as a rising star. As a result, he might be focusing on his training rather than putting effort into love or marriage.

Regardless, he has maintained the distance between his professional and personal life. Thus, not much information is known about his personal life.

Dematrius Davis | Age, Height, and Personality

Dematrius Davis is an upcoming talent in the Football Bowl Subdivision scene. Hence, he has a body to prove it.

He also has an athletic body with remarkable flexibility and strength in his hands and legs.

When writing this article, Davis is currently years of age. He looks fresh and fit to compete in the higher college leagues.

Moreover, the athlete is rigid and stands at a medium height of 5’11” (1.80 m).

However, he has never let height be an obstacle. Over time, he’s gathered various techniques making him a versatile quarterback.

Additionally, he feels weak in a few defensive areas. Hence, he dedicates himself to exercises that enhance his attributes in these areas.

Furthermore, Davis has trained with his dad ever since he was a child. He continues to do so still to this day.

From his pictures, it is clear that he has kept himself fit to be constantly playing. Yet, his exact body measurements are unknown.

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Dematrius Davis | Net Worth & Earnings

Dematrius Davis accounts for much of his net worth as a professional football player. He has been a regular starter for the teams since high school.

He played in the 6A Division league with North Shore for four years. Similarly, he reached the playoffs four times straight.

Likewise, he won the Division 6A High School Football State Championship two times. Therefore, we can assume that he gathered a lot of earnings during his league appearances.

However, there is no exact information on his net worth and salary. Research says that the average salary of a four-star player is about $350,000 annually.

So, we can assume that he makes a similar amount to that range.

Dematrius Davis | Social Media




  • “We just wanted somewhere that’s a family-oriented place, small, and that plays some good, old-fashioned football.”

Queries on Dematrius Davis

Who was Dematrius Davis compared to during his college career?

Often, coaches compared Dematrius Davis to Vince Young. However, Vince was one of the other dominant quarterbacks admired by many.

Which moment was his most inspirational one?

Davis felt he could win it after defeating West Brooks and Katy in the 2018 season.

Is Dematrius Davis still with Auburn?

The Auburn university quarterback player Davis has been transferred to Alabama State. He was transferred to Auburn in April 2022.

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