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Every father is an inspiration to their child, and Dennis Schroder’s father, Axel, was not an exception. For those who do not know, Schroder is an NBA player for the Toronto Raptors.

Returning to Axel, he was a wonderful dad to his children and inspired them to improve themselves in the career they chose to pursue. Similarly, he was a loving husband to his wife. 

Dennis Schroder's family (Source: Lipstick Alley)
Dennis Schroder’s family (Source: Lipstick Alley)

Sadly, Axel could not live long enough to see his son Dennis become a successful player. He was the one who motivated Dennis to achieve what he has now. 

In this article below, we will learn more about Dennis’s father, Axel, in greater detail. Before starting the article, let’s see some quick facts about Axel Schroder.

Quick Facts

Full Name Axel Schroder
Known As Dennis Schroder’s father
Date of Birth Not available
Birth Place Brunswick, Germany
Nick Name Not available
Religion Islam
Nationality German
Ethnicity African-German
Zodiac Sign  Capricorn
Age Not available
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Eye Color Black
Build Slim
Father’s Name Not available
Mother’s Name Not available
Siblings Not available
Education Not available
Marital Status Married (until 2009)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Wife’s Name Fatou Schroder
Kids Cheyassin Secka, Dennis Schroder, and Awa
Year of Death 2009
Social Media  Not available
Merch of Dennis Schroder Notebook, NBA Trading Card
Last Update June 2022

Dennis Schroder Father | Early Life & Family

Axel Schroder was born in Brunswick, Germany, where he grew up and lived until his untimely death in 2009.

Although very few things are known about him, the public knows him as Dennis Schroder’s father. As he was from the black community residing in Germany, he often had to face racism while growing up. 

Unfortunately, very little detail about Axel’s early life and his parents is known. Similarly, there is no information about his professional life as well. 

Dennis Schroder Father | Meeting Fatou Schroder

Axel got married to a woman named Fatou Nije, who was from Banjul, the capital city of Gambia.  

When he first saw Fatou, Axel was on vacation, roaming the streets of Gambia. He immediately fell in love with her as he saw her. It was love at first sight, and they had an instant connection.

Dennis Schroder's mother (Source: Bleacher Report)
Dennis Schroder’s mother (Source: Bleacher Report)

Fatou was working as a hairdresser back when she first met Axel. However, she was already a mother of two children: a son named Cheyassin and a daughter named Awa. However, there is no information about Fatou’s previous husband.

But only one year after meeting Axel in the Gambia, Fatou visited Axel in Germany while visiting her sister, who used to reside in a nearby nation, Denmark. According to some sources, she moved to Germany in 1992, just a year before Dennis was born. 

Consequently, Axel convinced her to marry him. She soon moved to Brunswick with her two children and married Axel. Fatou continued working as a hairdresser even after moving to Europe.

However, the exact date of their marriage is unknown. 

Axel’s Children

Fatou already had two children, Cheyassin and Awa, when she married Axel. 

Later, the couple soon gave birth to a child, a boy named Dennis. Including two step-children, Axel had four children. He had a strong relationship with all of his children. 

Dennis Schroder's brother Chessayin Secka (Source: Bleacher Report)
Dennis Schroder’s brother, Chessayin Secka (Source: Bleacher Report)

Axel was a great father to his children and cared for his family. He guided his children on the right path and motivated them to do their best in their respective fields. 

Likewise, it was Axel who motivated Dennis to play basketball. Even after his father died in 2009, Dennis still considers his father the one who shaped him into today’s player. 


According to different sources, Axel Schroder died from heart failure in 2009.

Dennis was just 16 at the time of his father’s demise. He was found dead, sitting on his couch in the kitchen. Moreover, Axel and Fatou were separated and resided in different houses at his death.

However, they often met and were on good terms even though they lived separately. According to sources, Fatou was the one who first found Axel’s dead body in the kitchen. 

Dennis had visited his father just ten days before his demise and talked about his basketball career. It was when Dennis promised his dad to play in the NBA someday. 

Dennis Schroder Father | Dennis’s Life And Career

Dennis Schroder is a German professional basketball player playing for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA. 

Schroder was born on September 15, 1993, in Brunswick, Germany. He was taken to a German father and a Gambian mother. His father’s name is Axel Schroder, and his mother’s name is Fatou Schroder.

Growing up, Dennis played different sports like football, skateboarding, etc. His step-brother Che was his skateboarding partner. However, after his father died in 2009, Dennis began focusing full-time on basketball.

Dennis Schroder with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Source: Thunderous Intentions)
Dennis Schroder with the Oklahoma City Thunder (Source: Thunderous Intentions)

Before joining the NBA, Dennis played for two German teams, SG Braunschweig and Phantom Braunschweig. Likewise, he officially started his NBA career in 2013 after the Atlanta Hawks selected him in the 2013 NBA draft with the 17th overall pick. 

He is currently playing in the tenth season in the NBA. Dennis has played for NBA teams like LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunders, and a few more. 

Dennis married Ellen Ziolo on July 20, 2019, and has two kids: a son named Dennis Junior Schroder and a daughter named Imalia Aaliyah. 

Net Worth

According to various sources, Dennis Schroder’s net worth is around $40 million. 

Moreover, he earns around $15 million in salary annually. 

Dennis Schroder Father | FAQs

Does Dennis Schroder have a YouTube channel?

Yes, Dennis has a YouTube channel that goes by the name “Dennis Schröder.” As of June 2022, his YouTube channel has over 180K subscribers. He uploads videos of traveling, shopping, interviews, and his teams. He gets well over 100k views in all of his videos.

Why did Dennis Schroder dye his hair?

Dennis’s mother, Fatou, suggested Dennis dye his hair blonde so that he could stand out in public. Although he did not dye his hair wholly, he dyed a small area of his frontal hair to abide by his mother’s advice.

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