Desean Jackson Ex Wife Kayla Phillips: Custody & Cult Accusation

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Desean Jackson Ex Wife: Former NFL wide receiver Desean Jackson is facing turmoil in his personal life and has filed for sole custody of his kids in a legal action against his ex-partner.

Desean Jackson made his name as a swift and speedy wide receiver in his fifteen years in the NFL.

However, aside from the gridiron, he has faced a tumultuous time concerning his personal life following the split with his ex-partner.

Former NFL WR Desean Jackson
Former NFL WR Desean Jackson (Source: FOX)

Desean Jackson is a former NFL wide receiver, most recognized for his time at the Philadelphia Eagles.

He played college football for the California Golden Bears, earning two consecutive first-team All-American honors in 2006 and 2007.

Desean Jackson Ex Wife

The former Eagles WR was in a long-term relationship with his former partner Kayla Phillips.

To begin with, the pair started dating in 2014 after meeting on social media.

They shared a blossoming relationship and entered into parenthood with their two children.

Subsequently, their two sons, Jackson Jr. and Jacey, were born in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Things seemed to be going fine in their family unit as Desean and Kayla both shared pictures of their children and each other on Instagram.

Desean Jackson Ex-Partner Kayla Phillips
Desean Jackson Ex-Partner Kayla Phillips (Source: Instagram)

However, after the couple announced their engagement in 2020, things took a turn for the worse.

Following this, they announced they had called off their engagement and ended their relationship.

Fans learned about their breakup from Deasean’s Instagram story.

A Strange Turn In The Relationship

In a news that shocked the sporting world, Desean Jackson came out with sensational allegations against his ex-partner Kayla in February 2024.

The former WR has initiated legal action to obtain exclusive custody of his sons.

Subsequently, he has alleged that Kayla has deserted their children and is exhibiting behavior similar to that of being in a cult.

Furthermore, Jackson accused Kayla of postponing dates whenever he wanted to return the children to her. This led to him accusing her of abandoning them.

“She stopped calling me about the children’s return, so I enrolled the children in school here in Los Angeles and the children have been living with me since.”

Following this, the allegations took a wild turn when the NFL star accused her of being a member of a cult.

To begin with, he has stated that Kayla is dating a man who displays cult-like behavior, and the two have joined an organization called ‘The Most High’. 

Desean Jackson With His Sons
Desean Jackson With His Sons (Source: Instagram)

According to the documents, Jackson expressed that she seemed influenced by the teachings of the cult and led a carefree life that excluded the children.

Furthermore, he has requested supervised visitation if Kayla wants to visit their children.

“We don’t know what Kayla is capable of since she joined ‘The Most High’ cult which is why we have filed the request For Child Abduction Prevention Orders.”

Claiming that Kayla is not in the right mental state to care for the sons, he has filed for sole custody of them.

Additionally, he has stated he is a great role model for his two sons and wants to keep them safe from any harm his ex-partner might cause.

Kayla has not responded to these startling allegations as of now. Fans are intrigued to see what comes from this story in the future.

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