Deshaun Foster Net Worth 2024: UCLA HC Wife & Family

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The newly appointed UCLA head coach, Deshaun Foster, is a former NFL player and has amassed a substantial net worth in his sporting ventures.

The former Panthers and 49ers running back is well-recognized in the NFL and college football.

Subsequently, his successful stints as a player and coach in the sport have led to his net worth being in the millions.

UCLA Head Coach Deshaun Foster
UCLA Head Coach Deshaun Foster (Source: ESPN)

Deshaun Foster began his football journey in college, where he distinguished himself as a standout player at UCLA.

Transitioning to the NFL, he had a successful playing career as a running back, notably with the Carolina Panthers.

In his coaching role, he has mostly been a running backs coach. In 2024, he was appointed the head coach of UCLA football.

Deshaun Foster Net Worth 2024

To begin with, we can break down Deshaun’s career into two parts, first as a player and second as a coach.

He had a successful playing career in the NFL, primarily with the Carolina Panthers from 2002 to 2007.

This was followed by a brief stint with the San Francisco 49ers in 2008, showcasing his skills as a talented running back.

Deshaun Played As An RB In The NFL
Deshaun Played As An RB In The NFL (Source: Yahoo)

In 2006, he finalized a three-year contract with the Panthers valued at $14.5 million, featuring a $4.5 million signing bonus.

Additional potential earnings of up to $3 million were contingent on meeting escalators and incentives.

However, the RB moved to the 49ers in 2008. With the 49ers, Foster agreed to a two-year deal worth $1,800,000, with an average yearly salary of $900,000.

His Journey As A Football Coach

Following his playing career, he swiftly transitioned into coaching. Subsequently, he started as a student assistant at UCLA.

Following this, his coaching career progressed over the years, starting at Texas Tech in 2016 as the running backs coach with an annual pay of $175,000.

In 2017, his earnings increased to $285,000. Following his transition to UCLA, he maintained a salary of $285,000 in 2018, which rose to $313,700 in 2021.

By 2023, Foster was earning $385,000 annually. Undoubtedly, his coaching journey has proven to be a lucrative venture, accumulating a substantial sum of nearly $2.5 million thus far. 

Subsequently, his coaching career reached new heights in 2024 after he was recently appointed as the head coach of UCLA.

Undoubtedly, this will prove to be a significant boost for his overall fortune. As the head coach of a prominent football program like UCLA, his annual salary is expected to be in the millions.

To summarize, his career in the NFL and coaching make up a significant fragment of his total worth. We can estimate the net worth of the RB to be around the $4 million to $5 million mark.

Deshaun And His Wife Re-Ignited Old Romance

Regarding his personal life, Deshaun exchanged wedding vows with his wife, Charity Washington, in 2023.

To begin with, Charity is a hardworking and adaptable individual who has explored diverse fields.

She has made a mark as both an influencer and a real estate agent, showcasing her skills as a stylist and successfully managing her boutique.

Deshaun And Charity Tied The Knot In 2023
Deshaun And Charity Tied The Knot In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Charity initially met Deshaun while he played in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers in 2004.

After a brief relationship, they broke up, as she would say in an interview with Essence.

“We were together, but the timing was off, and we disconnected, going our separate ways. God had it for us to reconnect about a year ago in 2022, and we became what he saw for us — even when we didn’t see it.”

Later, Charity married another NFL player, Leon Washington of the New York Jets, but their marriage ended in divorce.

Remaining single for an extended period, Charity and Deshaun reconnected many years later and rekindled their love.

Additionally, the couple raise four children together: Noel, Nolen, Viviana, and Destiny.

Undoubtedly, Deshaun has his family as an unwavering pillar of support as he ventures into the cut-throat realm of coaching.

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