Devin Leary Sister Shannon And Riley Leary: Wikipedia & Age

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The football fans are eager to discover about Devin Leary’s siblings, especially about his sisters, Shanon and Riley Leary. He also has two brothers, Andrew and Willard.

The quarterback faced criticism for his recent performance slump, with Coach Mark Stoops openly expressing concern about his quarterback.

However, fans remain confident in Devin’s skills and are eager to learn more about the emerging quarterback. 

Kentucky Wildcats Quarterback Devin Leary
Kentucky Wildcats Quarterback Devin Leary (Source: The Athletic)

Devin Leary, born September 10, 1999, is the football quarterback for Kentucky Wildcats, hailing Sicklerville, New Jersey.

The Timber Creek Regional High School graduate earned Gatorade Football Player of the Year in 2016 and 2017, showcasing his quarterback potential.

Furthermore, during his high school career, the quarterback set the state record with 9,672 passing yards and a resounding 117 passing touchdowns.

However, the quarterback has failed to achieve his predicted potential. After redshirting his first year at North Carolina State University, he went into the 2019 season as a backup, starting in just five games.

After dealing with injuries and limited playing time, Devin Leary committed to the University of Kentucky on December 20, 2022.

Devin Leary Sister: Shanon And Riley Leary

The Leary siblings are the children of their parents, Glen and Lorie Leary.

Kentucky Wildcats Quarterback Devin Leary has a total of four siblings. His siblings include sisters Shanon and Riley and brothers Andrew and Donovan.

According to her LinkedIn, Shanon is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Spanish at the University of Florida. 

Shanon is also one of the founding members of Women Building Women, a program that supports middle school girls in academics and mental well-being for a brighter future.

Furthermore, her LinkedIn profile also states that her interests are in the fields of law, government, and public relations.

Devin Leary With His Siblings
Devin Leary With His Siblings (Source: Instagram)

Shanon appears to be in a relationship with her boyfriend, Peyton Lee Jones. However, it is difficult to estimate the length of the relationship or when the couple started dating.

Meanwhile, Riley is following in her brother’s footsteps and attends the Timber Creek Regional High School. In a recent post on Instagram, she posted a picture of her with the caption “Senior Night.” 

However, she isn’t too active on Instagram, and her profile only contains four posts. Similarly, there is no indication of her dating someone or being in a relationship.

Consequently, with her private lifestyle, it is tough to know if the quarterback’s sister is in a relationship. 

There are not many public records about the two sisters, which makes it difficult to know their exact date of birth or their age. 

His Football Family

The Leary family is no stranger to football. Devin’s brother, Donovan Leary, also plays as a quarterback at the University of Illinois.

In addition to Devin and his brother Donovan, their uncle, Brian Leary, is a former quarterback at William Patterson University.

Furthermore, he also was the head coach for the Highland High School football team. 

Devin Leary's Uncle Brian Leary Coaching For Highland High School
Devin Leary’s Uncle Brian Leary Coaching For Highland High School (Source: Courier Post)

In 1991 for William Patterson University, Brian averaged 127.4 yards passing while passing for 1,401 yards in 11 games with a 57.3% completion.

Furthermore, Brian holds the record for all-time passing completions at William Patterson University, with 271 out of 538 attempts. 

He even has recorded 3,359 yards and 17 touchdowns, making him one of the only two William Patterson players to throw more than 3,000 yards. 

Brian was inducted into the William Patterson University Hall of Fame on November 13, 1997. 

In one of his interviews, the Wildcats quarterback revealed his uncle’s major influence, attending his games as a child to watch him coach.

Moreover, he claimed that it was his uncle who taught him how to hold the football when he was a child. 

With much of the season yet to come, the quarterback will hopefully bounce back from his slump and achieve his true potential on the field.

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