Did Andy Reid Have Weight Loss Surgery? Diet & Workout Plan 2024

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Andy Reid weight loss surgery: As the coach appears slimmer, having lost a chunk of weight, fans wonder whether it’s due to surgery or diet.

The coach underwent a remarkable transformation by losing significant weight, setting a great example of determination. 

Andy Reid During A Match Day
Andy Reid During A Match Day (Source: NBC Sports)

Andy Reid, an American football coach, has been serving as the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL).

Starting in 1982, he boasts an impressive nine years of experience as the collegiate coach with stints at San Francisco State, Nothern Arizona, and Missouri.

Further, from 1999-2012, the coach served as a head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, leaving an enduring legacy. 

He led the Eagles to six division titles, five NFC Championship Games, and nine playoff runs during his tenure.

Likewise, under his leadership, his current team, the Chiefs, has blossomed into one of the strongest teams in the NFL.

Notably, he has assisted the team to eight consecutive division titles, three Super Bowl titles, and six consecutive AFC Championship Games.

Andy Reid Weight Loss: Surgery Or Diet

The Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who struggled with weight issues in the past, has succeeded in shedding off some pounds.

In 2017, he tipped the scales at 340 pounds, weighing heavily overweight. His health took a serious turn as he ended up hospitalized due to concerns linked to his weight.

“I wish it never happened. It did. I appreciate the doctors for taking care of me. They were phenomenal.”

Nevertheless, this experience, in turn, motivated him to make changes to his health and lifestyle.

Andy Reid Weight Loss Surgery: Andy Reid Grappled With Being Overweight
Andy Reid Grappled With Being Overweight (Source: Wikipedia)

As a result, he has lost 60 pounds by following a proper diet plan and workout routine instead of having a weight loss surgery.

The coach began by lowering his portion intake and eating a few meals more often throughout the day.

He once mentioned that he is cautious about what and when he eats.

All About His Personal Life

Born on March 19, 1958, Andy Reid is the youngest of two kids of his parents, Walter Reid and Elizabeth Reid.

His father was a scenic artist in the entertainment industry, whereas his mother worked as a radiologist.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, he attended John Marshal High School, where he actively played various sports.

After graduating, Andy committed to the Glendale Community College (1976-1977) before transferring to the Brigham Young University (1978-1980).

The Coach Belongs From A Close-Knit Family
The Coach Belongs To A Close-Knit Family (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Following his collegiate years, he briefly considered pursuing a career in writing before deciding to become a coach.

Further, diving into his married life, the coach has been with his wife, Tammy Reid, for over four decades.

The two met while in college at Brigham Young University, and after dating for a while, they tied the knot on August 8, 1981.

Apart from being supportive partners, the two are also proud parents.

The couple share three sons- Garrett, Britt, and Spencer, and two daughters- Drew Ann and Crosby.

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