Did Dodgers Fire Dave Roberts? Early Playoff Exit & Potential Termination

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Did Dodgers Fire Dave Roberts? This is the question being typed vigorously every passing hour by Dodgers fans. And the answer is NO.

Yes, the Dodgers have had yet another poor playoff season, but what’s new? Many will argue that Dave Roberts did excellent with the resources he had this season.

Speculations Of Dave Roberts Being Fired Isn't A New Topic Among The Dodgers Franchise
Speculations Of Dave Roberts Being Fired Isn’t A New Topic Among The Dodgers Franchise (Source: Facebook)

Many Dodgers fans have already said the blame should be shouldered by the front office and the star players who didn’t show up during the playoffs. 

Despite losing the likes of Trea Turner and Cody Bellinger, the Dodgers still won 100 games this season. But how long can the franchise stick with Roberts at the helm after another disappointing playoff exit?  

Did Dodgers Fire Dave Roberts?

Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t fired their manager, Dave Roberts. And it isn’t looking likely at all that a new man will be leading the Dodgers in the 2024 MLB season. 

The front office does not want to fire the man who has delivered during the regular season. A few media houses have even written the idea of firing Dave Roberts will not be entertained at all by the Dodgers. 

On Reddit, the Dodgers fans seem divided, with a few fans blaming the players for not turning up during the last three games. They have even questioned other fans on the subreddit r/Dodgers why would Dodgers fire Dave Roberts after he had his best season. 

Dodgers Aren't Looking To Fire Their Manager Dave Roberts Despite The Early Playoff Exit
Dodgers Aren’t Looking To Fire Their Manager Dave Roberts Despite The Early Playoff Exit (Source: Twitter)

2023 will probably go down as the season where Roberts has shown his best managerial skills. He has made the best possible use of his resources, and many didn’t think Clayton Kershaw, Mookie Betts, and Freddie Freeman would all be misfiring in the same season. 

But the question is there to be asked. Why do the Dodgers perform poorly during the playoffs after setting records in the regular season?

Matt Snyder of CBS said it is probably because Dave treats playoffs as a marathon instead of a sprint, and his team lacks urgency. If you do not count the 2020 season, the Dodgers have gone 2-5 in playoff series since the 2018 NLCS.

But in a season in which people expected the Dodgers to take a backseat, Dave Roberts still managed to win another division title. So, his job with the Dodgers seems to be safe. 

Replacement For Dave Roberts At The Dodgers 

Though many people are shouting for Dave Roberts to be fired, a major question looms. Who will replace Dave Roberts at the Los Angeles Dodgers?

A few names have crept up if Dave Roberts is to be fired after another dreadful playoff season. One of the first names suggested is Kai Correa, the San Francisco Giants’ interim manager after Gabe Kapler’s firing. 

A highly regarded coach in the league, Correa certainly has less experience than others whose names have been suggested in the past. He has an excellent defensive record and could fit right in with the Dodgers. 

Detroit Tigers’ bench coach, George Lombard, is another name on everybody’s lips. He had previously interviewed for the manager’s role for Detroit Tigers, but that job fell to A.J. Hinch. 

Tony Mansolino and Rodney Linares are other names mentioned by the media outlets who could potentially replace Dave Roberts. But for those who want to see Roberts heading out, we can only say, keep dreaming. 

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