Did Eve Gilles Play Football? Miss France Wikipedia And Playing Career

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In the latest internet trend, people wonder if Miss France Eve Gilles plays football. The beauty queen was given the prestigious title in December 2023.

Eve has recently been in the headlines and gossip columns following her title win at Miss France. Fans have been wondering about her personal and professional life. 

People have been talking about her past life, career, college, and if she played different sports like football in her early years.

Miss France Eve Gilles
Miss France Eve Gilles (Source: Gulf News)

Eve Gilles was born on 9 July 2003 in Dunkirk, France. Her father, Bruno Gilles, is an expert surveyor, and her mother, Edith Gilles, works with him. Along with Eve, the couple have two other daughters.

She grew up with her family in the town of Quaëdypre in the northern region of France.

She was elected French Beauty Queen on October 14, 2023. Then, commencing that, she won Miss France 2024 on December 16, 2023.

Regarding her studies, she attended high school at Jean-Bart in Dunkirk and intended to be a neurologist. She even studied medicine at university for a year.

However, she later lost interest in that, and now she is doing a degree in mathematics at the University of Lille. However, her professional goal is to become a statistician.

She first worked for a year at the Flandre Eggs factory in Wormhout before resuming studies in Mathematics in Lille.

Even after being elected Miss France, she states that she will finish her studies and that she is determined to complete her diploma.

Did Eve Gilles Play Football?

Among the popular subjects of interest, people have searched if Eve Gilles played football in her early years.

After coming to the public limelight commencing her Miss France win, fans have been gossiping about her. 

There is no information on Eve’s footballing career or if she ever played the sport of football. Although, she has revealed in interviews that she is fond of dancing and horse riding.

Eve Gilles Hobbies, Tastes And Height

In contrast to the present generation, who is addicted to watching Netflix and TV shows, Eve is somewhat interested in watching documentaries and historical films. 

She prefers a good thriller and says she has the complete Sherlock Holmes Investigations book series in her collection.

As for her food preferences, she likes seafood such as shrimp. She defines herself as a warrior and a go-getter.

In a recent interview, she revealed: “ When I have decided, I go for it, regardless of the obstacles, the trials, the danger.” 

In an emotional and motivational message, she said: “ Two years ago, I worked in the factory to make a little money, and today I am Miss France.”

Talking about her height, Eve is 1.70 m tall. Interestingly, she just makes the minimum height barrier required to be entered as per Miss France regulations.

Miss France Short Hair Controversy

A bizarre row erupted after Gilles became the first-ever contestant to win Miss France with a pixie cut hairstyle.

However, the beauty pageant is now facing a peculiar backlash that it has gone ‘woke.’  This is after the judges chose androgynous Gilles as the winner, but the previous winners featured more traditional long, flowing hair.

Eve Gilles In Short Hair
Eve Gilles In Short Hair (Source: X)

“We’re used to seeing beautiful Misses with long hair, but I chose an androgynous look with short hair,” the victorious and proud Gilles said.

“No one should dictate who you are,” she said after her victory, adding that “every woman is different, we’re all unique.”

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