Did Gareth Southgate get tough calls right?

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England manager Gareth Southgate has named 26 players who he hopes will end the nation’s anticipation of a significant World Cup return to the 1966 World Cup.

Southgate has faced several significant challenges in form, consistency, and equality for the European Championship squad. 

It concludes its plans for the opening game against Croatia at Wembley on 13 June.

Alexander-Arnold gets a call.

Liverpool’s selection or otherwise of right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has been a frustrating one for Tuesday’s team’s announcement.

It was controversial when Southgate left the 22-year-old in a World Cup qualifier against San Marino, Albania, and Poland in March. 

It was sparked by the fact that England was well blessed. When Alexander-Arnold did well for Liverpool to win the Champions League and Premier League.

In the end, Southgate named Alexander-Arnold as one of the right-backs, along with Champions League winner Reece James

Premier League winner Kyle Walker of Manchester City and Kieran Trippier, La Liga and Atletico Madrid.

Alexander-Arnold gets a call (Source: The Guardian)
Alexander-Arnold gets a call (Source: The Guardian)

It looks like the England squad is overwhelmed in one place. And not in a position that defines the future of the big leagues.

Is it Southgate’s assumption that Alexander-Arnold is simply an excellent footballer who can leave him behind? Is a player capable of transforming the game into an offensive situation? That doesn’t work for others who struggle with space-eating back?

His defensive qualities are constantly being scrutinized. But his deliveries from the set. 

Both creating chances and scoring goals in dead football conditions are world-class. He has a gift that has changed the course of major sports.

This means that Alexander-Arnold could be used to advance the fashion revolution even if he was not the first choice.

The four right-backs could be very visible and probably so. Still, Alexander-Arnold’s full attacking ability made his choice a stepping stone for Southgate. 

He has shown that James, Walker, and Trippier have also demonstrated their performance in the past.

Southgate hopes to depend on the big players.

The England manager did not hesitate to select experienced players Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire. However, both suffered an injury in the final half of the season.

The stand-offs of the England team, which has four riders working in a variety of ways. Perhaps indicate Southgate’s uncertainty that Maguire will be ready for the first game.

Henderson and Maguire are the team’s senior members. And have been the most senior and personal leaders on and off the field. They are returning to the 2018 World Cup semi-final in Russia.

It explains why Southgate puts those question marks above the other side’s strength even though they are unresolved issues.

Manchester United captain Maguire is still recovering from an ankle injury that forced him to miss out on the Europa League. 

And Villarreal final when Henderson, 31, returned to the Liverpool bench. For the final game of the season, surgery is in February.

Southgate's hopes hang on key duo of Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire (Source: The Mirror)
Southgate’s hopes hang on the key duo of Jordan Henderson and Harry Maguire (Source: The Mirror)

Maguire is essential in England’s seemingly vulnerable defense. While Henderson’s thinking, power. And the drive makes him a significant part of England.

No one is yet close to full strength yet, so there is a risk of counting on Henderson and Maguire in the English Euro team. It is a reflection of how important they are at Southgate.

Southgate has young guns primed for action.

England will rely more than ever on the world-class skills of experienced Harry Kane. But Southgate has also shown that he will rely on his youth by choosing his team.

While, players like Maguire, Henderson, Walker, Trippier, goalkeepers Jordan Pickford, Raheem Sterling, and Kane have been the mainstays. England will also be looking for an exciting young talent plant to make an impact.

Chelsea’s 22-year-old Mason Mount has started, confirming his level in the Champions League final against Manchester City. 

In contrast, 21-year-old Phil Foden has developed into a stunning attacking midfielder with the potential to fill several attacking positions.

West Ham United’s Declan Rice has grown to become a top midfielder at just 22. 

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish, now 25, has been one of the Premier League’s most famous players name, creators, goal scorers, and matchmakers in England.

Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham is a 17-year-old squad boy. 

Still, he has shown talent and gentleness in the Champions League this season. 

And his teammate Jadon Sancho already has experience under his belt at the age of 21.

And Arsenal’s exciting Buka Saka has been listed on the team’s list as a forward. But a prominent defender could also be added to the list.

There has been disappointment with Jesse Lingard and Ollie Watkins of Aston Villa. 

Still, while the team may be challenging at the back, a combination of youth. And the experience that Southgate hopes will bring success to what equals England’s home tournament.

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