Did Joelinton Get 16 Year Old Pregnant? Rumor Or Reality

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Joelinton getting a 16-year-old pregnant is believed to be a rumor, as there is no official source about it. The rumor has taken Reddit by storm and allegedly other Newcastle players are also involved.

The rumors began after the loss against Nottingham Forest. Four other Newcastle players, including Kieran Trippier, are said to be cheating on their partners and have been accused of hiring mistresses and high-end escorts.

Joelinton Pictured Training For Brazil Last Year In September
Joelinton Pictured Training For Brazil Last Year In September (Source: Instagram)

Joelinton started Newcastle’s latest game against Liverpool, but Trippier was missing due to a groin injury. Fans have also speculated that Trippier is going through a divorce.

The rumors like this one can certainly hurt a player’s reputation. The Brazilian player has a partner with whom he was engaged in 2022, and the two share three kids. 

Did Joelinton Get 16-Year-Old Pregnant?

Joelinton getting a 16-year-old pregnant is the new wild rumor spreading like wildfire on the internet. A few soccer fans have made TikTok videos making fun of a rather serious topic.

The rumor started after the Christmas holidays. A forum named Blowout Cards discussed the rumors on December 29. One user wrote that rumors were going around about the Brazilian impregnating a -year-old. 

Another user added fuel to the fire, saying around five Newcastle players, including Joelinton and [Kieran] Trippier, have been allegedly using suites at a certain hotel for their mistresses and high-end escorts. 

The post also shared that Trippier is going through a divorce after his wife found out he was cheating on her. A Reddit user also wrote something along the same lines.

Joelinton Pictured Celebrating During The Game Chelsea In November
Joelinton Pictured Celebrating During The Game Chelsea In November (Source: Instagram)

The Reddit user also added that a leaked WhatsApp message reads that the Newcastle owner has sat down with the players and has told them that the behavior needs to stop or they will be out of the club.

With no credible news sites reporting this supposed incident, we can say there is more chance of it being a rumor. 

Trippier is currently listed as injured and hasn’t been in his best form. It could be true that he is going through a divorce, but all the stories shared on Reddit and forum pages should be taken with a grain of salt.

Is Joelinton Married?

The Newcastle player Joelinton isn’t married but shares three kids with his fiance, Thays Gondim. The two have been together since the midfielder’s days in Brazil. 

The two began dating in 2015, with Thays sharing an Instagram post to confirm their relationship. The couple welcomed their first child in 2017, a baby boy. 

At the time, Joelinton played in Austria for Rapid Wien and was on loan from 1899 Hoffenheim. The soccer player shared a post thanking the god for his precious son and protecting his partner. 

In October 2020, Joe and Thays welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Julia. It is believed that the couple has yet to tie the knot, and the Brazilian proposed to his longtime partner in August 2022 during an event in Brazil.

The Brazilian Soccer Player Recently Posted Christmas Family Pictures With His Fiance And Three Kids
The Brazilian Soccer Player Recently Posted Christmas Family Pictures With His Fiance And Three Kids (Source: Instagram)

The two had shared a series of images from the night of their engagement on their Instagram handle. Last year, in February, the couple announced they were going to be parents for the third time. 

They also had a gender reveal party held at St. James’ Park, with the soccer player kicking the ball high up in the sky and setting off blue flares behind him as it was revealed the two would welcome their second baby boy.

On June 27, 2023, the couple announced their third child had arrived. Since then, Thays has shared several photos of her and her three kids attending Joe’s games. 

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