Dirk Nowitzki Parents Jorg And Helga Are His Inspiration

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Dirk Nowitzki was born to athletic parents, with his mother being a basketball player and his father being a handball player. Even his sister was into basketball before she transitioned to a career in sports television.

Growing up with parents with athletic backgrounds, Dirk spent his childhood playing various games alongside his sister.

Dirk initially played handball and tennis but later shifted to basketball. He transitioned into basketball because he was tired of being called ”freak” due to his tall height.

Little did he know that this decision would lead him to become one of the basketball world’s greatest players.

Dirk Nowitzki, A Former NBA Player
Dirk Nowitzki, A Former NBA Player (Source: Instagram)

Dirk Werner Nowitzki began his professional career in NBA as the Milwaukee Bucks selected him as the ninth pick in the 1998 NBA draft.

Instead of going through college, he joined the NBA directly as a prep-to-pro player, bypassing college offers.

Nowitzki’s entry into the NBA made him only the fourth German player to ever participate in the league’s history. 

He currently serves as a special advisor for the Dallas Mavericks in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He is widely recognized as one of the greatest power forwards in the history of the sport. Many also consider him the greatest European player of all time.

In 2023, Nowitzki was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Dirk Nowitzki Parents

Dirk Nowitzki was born in Würzburg, Western Germany, on June 19, 1978. He grew up in a family of professional athletes, as both his parents pursued athletic careers.

His mother, Helga Nowitzki, was a professional basketball player. She was a member of the West Germany national team that participated in the 1966 EuroBasket Women’s basketball tournament.

Dirk Nowitzki With His Family
Dirk Nowitzki With His Family (Source: Getty Image)

Similarly, his father, Jorg Werner, was also a handball player who represented the German national team.

Just like most parents, Dirk’s mom and dad are his biggest fans and influencers. They make sure not to miss any of his games.

In a CNN interview, Dirk shared how his parents always get nervous when they watch him play. His mom especially finds it really tough to watch because it makes her so anxious.

Even though his dad didn’t play basketball himself, he’s become his toughest critic, always pointing out things he could have done better. But no matter what, they’re always proud of him, win or lose.

Dirk also has an older sister named Silke, and both of them share a passion for basketball and pursued their dreams in the sport.

Sister Silke Is A Former Basketball Player

Silke Nowitzki, who is four years older than her brother Dirk, has had a successful basketball career herself.

She made her debut for the German women’s national basketball team in 1995 and was an active participant in the sport.

In 1998, she also took part in the Ronchetti Cup as a member of the DJK Würzburg team and represented Germany in various international competitions.

Dirk Nowitzki's Sister Silke Nowitzki.
Dirk Nowitzki’s Sister Silke Nowitzki (Source: Facebook)

After her basketball career, Silke made a transition to New York and began working for the NBA in international TV.

She pursued her studies in business economics in San Diego. In the summer of 2006, she took on the role of managing her brother Dirk, supporting him in his endeavors.

After her successful basketball career, Silke Nowitzki went on to establish her own coaching and consulting company, known as Silke Mayer Coaching & Consulting.

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